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A Wooden Surface

I don’t know what to actually call one of the gifts that Jay made me for Christmas. It’s similar to an adjustable computer tray that you see in living rooms, but yet it’s slightly different. Let me tell you why … Continue reading

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Wooden Christmas Gifts

Every year Jay and I like to make a few gifts. This year we tried to make even more than normal. I will post about the gifts we made in a few separate blog posts so that they are easier … Continue reading

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A Jesus Shed

This past summer one of the guys from church asked Jay to be involved with a project. Currently our creche at church involves a basic manger with plastic figures of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. They light up. Well, I … Continue reading

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Painting the Carvings…

The other night I dreamed that Jay’s sister received a beautiful set of china as a wedding gift. Along with the china was a set of silverware with gorgeous ceramic handles. The problem was that the handles were very long … Continue reading

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Wood Carving Finishes

Last week I showed you the wolf and the tiger that Jay had agreed to do for a coworker. When the giant carvings were done Jay had the coworker over to double check they were what he wanted. He was … Continue reading

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Animal Carvings

In the past Jay has done some animal carvings in wood. You might remember the dog clocks that he made this past spring… Last week I gave you a sneak peek at his current project. This is on a small … Continue reading

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A Shawl Shelf and Other Projects

Are you wondering what a ‘shawl shelf’ could possibly be? You’re not alone. Jay was wondering the same thing when I first mentioned it. It’s exactly what it sounds like… a shelf for shawls. You see, I’m tired of not … Continue reading

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