Lunch Bag Attempt #2

After the frustration of making my first attempt at a lunch bag I decided to break out my Singer 301A.

Singer 301A in Place

I wanted to see how it would handle the waterproof canvas so I decided to practice by making a purrse for my sister.

On A Break Bag for Droof 5-23-21

Isn’t that adorable?? I used the same pattern by Sincerely Jen that I used for my purse.

And of course I had to use fabric that had both orange tiger kittens and white kittens.

On A Break Bag 5-23-21

This purse is a nice size so I thought it would work great for concerts, music festivals and those kinds of things. I lined the inside with regular canvas.

On A Break Bag Inside 5-23-21

I had a couple of issues, but overall I thought it turned out okay.

On A Break Bag Back 5-23-21

So I cut out pieces for a second lunch bag and started sewing.

Lunch Bag #2 Front

This time I left the handle off the top to see how I liked it. Jay says that it needs the handle. I also managed to put the zipper pull on the wrong side so it unzips from the right instead of the left. *sigh*

Lunch Box #2 Back

The biggest problem I had, though, was trying to sew the binding onto the seams towards the end of the project. I broke seven needles within 30 minutes!!

Lunch Bag #2 Inside

After calling my mom and discussing the problem with her I tried a few more things and none of them worked. The only thing I could determine was that there wasn’t enough feed dog underneath the zipper foot in order to keep the material running straight. The long feed dog on the left was pulling the material, which caused the needle to be pulled and it would hit the needle plate.

On my Merritt I can move the needle position so that I can position the zipper foot directly over a feed dog, so I think that’s why I wasn’t having much trouble. Also, I have the zigzag needle plate on my Merritt so if the needle does move a bit it still has room to dip.

I decided that I needed a newer machine. I didn’t want to buy a Juki TL2010Q (which is the machine Jess from OklaRoots was using). As I was discussing the issue with my mom she was going through her sewing machine inventory to look at the feed dogs. Yes, she has many multiples of machines. She found a newer one that she thought would work and that she wasn’t using. So, ladies and gentlemen, here is my new machine:

Singer 403A

Singer 403A

What do you mean that’s still an old machine? It’s newer than my 301A! According to what I could find on the internet my 301A was made between 1957-1958. The 403A was made between 1958-1960. So it’s definitely a newer machine!

It can zig zag and straight stitch, so I think this should work. I won’t need the zigzag function, just the needle plate. The needle can be moved, too, so I will be able to position the zipper foot over the feed dogs.

Singer 403A Feed Dogs

I have cut out the pieces for another lunch bag, so after I finish this blog post I’m going to get started on #3. Wish me luck!

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Some Woodworking by Jay

Last week I was be-bopping through the house when I looked outside and saw…

Torch Fire

It was a mob on my front lawn demanding blog posts about the stuff that Jay creates. I was frightened. I begged and pleaded with the mob and they finally let me off with a warning. Post something by Jay or else….

To be fair, Jay hasn’t been working on a whole lot of machining or woodworking projects. His work schedule has been all over the map so I never know when he’s going to be home. I usually make him write it down on the calendar so that I might have a slight chance of knowing where he’s going to be and when.

In his down time he’s been assembling more of those 3D puzzles.

First we have a cannon:


It actually does shoot a little ping pong ball, though not very far.

Then he assembled a crane:


It’s too bad the crane isn’t the same scale as the train set. It looks like a giant alien robot spider that has come to lay its eggs in the town.

Actually, these puzzles are great because this one even gives you something to build to put INSIDE the cargo box!

Crane Cargo Box

It’s a little motorcycle!

Hopefully Bob has killed the latest mouse down there so that we don’t have to worry about the motorcycle disappearing.

There is actually one project that Jay has been working on for me. You see, I have this rebel rose bush on the front of our porch.

Rebel Rose Bush 2021

I didn’t plant that one, it just grew there on its own. I tried transplanting it, but that one died. Then this one appeared. I told it that it could stay, but I wasn’t going to baby it. You can kind of see the first trellis that Jay built me two or three years ago. The rose bush has way outgrown it so I need a second story added.

Rose Trellis Pt 2 Drawing 2021

Jay took measurements and then drew it in SketchUp. It’s actually upside down in this picture.

Rose Trellis Pt 2 Pieces

He cut two main side pieces and a triangle for the bottom of the ‘V’.

Rose Trellis Pt 2 Peak

I’m not sure what this is supposed to mean… he was assemblying it? He had the trellis praying that it came out okay? He was bored and just wanted to see what it looked like?

Rose Trellis Pt 2 Holes

Here he has drilled the holes for the dowels. After all, I need places for the canes to be tied.

This will be painted white and then we can install it. It’s nothing very exciting.

As a tribute to Jay’s enjoyment of the puzzles, I will leave you with one.

What is Jay making now…

Misc Milling Part

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My New Faith Blog

Kerry Baptism 1

It’s been on my heart to blog about my faith. If you are interested please join me at Kerry’d by Faith. I am not a professional nor do I play one on TV, so I can’t promise that it will be very good. My hope is that it at least makes somebody stop and think.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog posts…

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A Crocheted Summer Top

A few months ago I received my Summer 2021 issue of Crochet! magazine and fell in love with the Seacliff Tunic.

Seacliff Tunic CSUM2021

I purchased the cotton yarn from Hobby Lobby using one of the gift cards I had received for Christmas. I bought three cakes each of the Yarn Bee Sugarwheel Cotton Solid in black and white. I will be able to wear the black and white version with more of my skirts and dresses.

This pattern has you start out by making the front and back white medallions. As I was working on the front medallion I was really confused because the directions I was reading didn’t match the picture in the magazine. When I read the directions for the back medallion (to compare to see what the actual differences are between the two) I realized that the woman wearing the top in this picture is actually wearing it backwards! I’m not sure if they did that to show it doesn’t really matter which side you use as the front, but it had me confused for a little while.

I started making this pattern using the 2X/3X size directions, but once I got to the black mesh I realized that was going to be WAY too big. The problem is that I wanted the length. The finished length for the largest size is 29.25″ including the hem edging. What I ended up doing was using the L/XL stitch counts for the width of the garment, but I used the 2X/3X for any of the length measurements. This ended up working out a lot better.

Seacliff Tunic Finished 5-21-21

This model was bargain-priced and I really got what I paid for!

I think the top turned out really nice. It’s heavier than I expected, but I think it will work great for the office. It’s heavy enough to keep me warm in the A/C, but open enough with the mesh that I won’t overheat when I go out in the sun.

Seacliff Tunic 5-21-21

Seriously, this model really should not quit her day job…

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Review: Mainstays 100% Acrylic Yarn

If you aren’t aware, Walmart now has their own brand of acrylic yarn: Mainstays 100% Acrylic Yarn. I watched a review of it on the Bag-O-Day Crochet YouTube channel. She really liked it so I thought I would give it a try.

I used it on the Tulip Afghan blanket that I finished a few months ago.

Millie Blanket

I think I bought this yarn in January and I enjoyed using it. It’s not my favorite acrylic yarn, but I would definitely purchase this before I bought the Red Heart Super Saver. I have become an acrylic yarn snob and I just don’t like the scratchy feel of Super Saver.

I happened to have a skein of Red Heart Super Saver in black, so let’s see them side-by-side.

MainStays vs Red Heart Super Saver

Obviously my skein of Red Heart is a bit older. The label has the Coats & Clark info on it instead of their current Yarnspirations info. Okay, let’s get into the numbers (which is my favorite part!!)…

Red Heart Super Saver – 14 oz/396g  744 yds/681m

This gives us 53.14285 yds/oz or .0188172 oz/yd.

Per the Walmart website you can buy this for $6.44.

MainStays 100% Acrylic Yarn – 14 oz/396.9g  798 yds/730m

This gives us 57 yds/oz or .01754386 oz/yd.

Per the Walmart website you can buy this for $4.88, but it comes in limited colors and you have to go to the store to get it. You can’t have it delivered to your house.

Looking at those numbers the MainStays yarn is slightly thinner. Typically a fatter, plusher strand will feel better in your hands. When I crocheted with the Mainstays, though, it felt nicer than the Red Heart. It also didn’t split on me. I always seem to have trouble with Red Heart splitting no matter what color I’m using.

Let’s take a look at the strands. Mainstays is on the left and Red Heart is on the right:

Mainstay Strand vs Red Heart Strand

In this picture you can actually see that the MainStays yarn is slightly thinner. That’s what our numbers told us and so you should believe them from now on. Numbers (usually) don’t lie.

Take a look at these strands, though. Do you notice anything? When I looked at these next to each other I thought that the Red Heart looked a lot bumpier as compared to the smoother strand of MainStays. I think this is the reason why Super Saver feels scratchier.

My Takeaway…

When I’m crocheting large projects and need a fairly common color like white, black, dark blue, red, green, etc I think that I will definitely buy the MainStays brand. Not only is it cheaper, but it feels a lot nicer than Red Heart Super Saver. I honestly try to avoid Super Saver if at all possible, so this will definitely help me with that goal.

For what it is, I give MainStays 100% Acrylic Yarn a 5 out of 5!

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Real Life: Sewing Can be Difficult

I felt it was time to share another Real Life post with you guys. In these posts I aim to show you that nobody is perfect by projecting a light on my failures and imperfections. Are you ready?

I believe that I’ve told you I’m planning to make a bunch of lunch bags for the guys in the faith-based substance abuse recovery program that my Small Faith Group at church has “adopted.” You might recall that this is the group who received all of my crocheted hats last year.

41 Hats 11-24-20

I wanted to make a gift that could be both fun and useful. Also, I enjoy trying new techniques and patterns so I thought this would be a great opportunity. I did a lot of searching and then I stumbled upon the OklaRoots YouTube channel. She does a lot of sewing tutorials, mostly bags but some quilting stuff, and she had a video called: The Best Lunch Bag Pattern! Dillan Lunch Bag by I Think Sew. I watched her make it and thought that I could handle this pattern. So I purchased the pattern and was on my way!


This pattern was everything I was looking for in a lunch bag to give away. Not only was it roomy, but you can tell by looking at the picture that it’s sturdy and well insulated. In the video Jess used quilting cotton for the exterior fabric and waterproof canvas for her interior. I wanted something that could withstand some handling so I decided to use waterproof canvas for my exterior and a nylon ripstop fabric for the interior.

Lunch Bag Materials

I cut out the pattern pieces and then had Jay cut them out of 1/8″ plywood for templates. I’m going to make 25 bags so I didn’t want to worry about making them different sizes due to my paper pattern moving on the fabric.

The first problem I ran into was when I was attempting to sew the handle onto the top of the bag.

Lunch Bag Lid

Due to the foam that I chose to use (more on this later) I barely had enough room to get this under my pressure foot. Then as I was trying to turn corners I apparently forgot to put the pressure foot back down so I had a bunch of thread loops on the bottom. It was not fun.

The next part of the bag that you assemble is the front pocket. I followed the instructions and watched the tutorial again.

Lunch Bag Pocket

I was getting a lot of puckering, my machine was fighting me because the feed dogs kept pulling the pocket the wrong way, and it wasn’t working very well. This pocket ended up across the room and I decided the bag was not going to have a pocket.

I struggled a lot on this bag. I watched the tutorial at least three more times. When I was finished I was not happy.

Lunch Bag Front

It looks okay, but I see all of the imperfections when I look at this bag.

Lunch Bag Back

My intention was to use this as my practice bag. I actually learned a LOT by making this, imperfections and all.

Lunch Bag Inside

I think I’m going to let Jay give this to one of the guys at work. It’s good enough to be used for lunch and it will definitely keep things cold. I just don’t feel that it’s good enough to be given as a gift. I do plan on making another practice bag because I learned a few things from this process.

Number 1:

You can NOT compare your talents, experience and skill to anybody on social media. Everybody comes from a different place so no two people will have the same results when doing something for the first time. Jess on the OklaRoots YouTube channel has made a LOT of bags so she’s automatically starting out with a different skill set than what I’m bringing to the table. Also, this is not a beginner bag. I knew that going in, but I was quickly reminded of this fact as I started to sew.

Number 2:

You can’t compare your results with another person’s especially if you use completely different materials and tools. Cutting a board requires a saw of some sort, but you’ll get different results if you use a bandsaw or a circular saw or a hand saw. When attempting to sew this bag I was using foam insulation, but it was different than what Jess used. The pattern calls for an insulated bag foam. I’m not quite sure what that is, but Jess used Insul-Bright and ByAnnie’s Soft and Stable. I also used Insul-Bright, but I used a 1/4″ rolled foam packaging material.

What is the difference? There’s actually quite a BIG difference. The Soft and Stable is an open-celled foam that squishes down when you apply pressure. It’s soft and doesn’t crinkle because it’s more of a fabric-type of foam (think of the kind of foam used for chair padding). I went with the rolled foam packaging material because when I tore apart one of Jay’s lunch boxes this was what they used for the insulating material. This foam is a closed-cell foam so it’s got really great insulating properties. The problem is that it doesn’t condense and squish down on itself when pressure is applied. This difference allowed Jess to maneuver and squish her bag down as needed when sewing in difficult areas. I didn’t have hardly any wiggle room at all when trying to sew mine.

Number 3:

The anatomy of your sewing machine matters. In a lot of Jess’ videos she uses her Bernina 770QE sewing machine. This time, however, she was using her Juki Tl-2010Q machine. The big difference that I noticed (when watching Jess’ video for the 5th time) is that her Juki does not have a lot of “head” space. By this I mean that there’s not a lot of machine to the left of the needle that would get in the way of maneuvering a bag when sewing. I used my Singer Merritt sewing machine, which has quite a bit of head space.

Singer Merrit Head

Imagine trying to sew a curved 1/2″ seam on a bag that has very little give to it. I did a LOT of cursing.

Number 4:

I used a lot of materials that I’d never used before. Yes, I’d used waterproof canvas, but I’d never sewn nylon ripstop, I was using zipper by the yard and I had never sewn a bag in this style. There were a LOT of new-to-me things. You can’t react to something that you don’t know how it’s going to work.

Now that I have a better idea of the challenges I can approach the second one with a different mindset. Since this will only be my second bag I have to expect that there will be puckers along the seams and that the pocket might go flying across the room again. I still want to use the 1/4″ rolled styrofoam (mainly because I have 85′ of it) so I won’t be changing any of the materials I’m using. The biggest change I’m going to make is that I will use my Singer 301A machine, instead. I think this will make it a lot easier to get around the curves.

Singer 301A Head

This machine has very little body to the left of the needle and I know it can easily power through the thick layers of the canvas and styrofoam.

Hopefully the next time I post about this lunch bag you will read about how it went smoother and there will be a front pocket! 😉

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Review: WristWidget (R) Brace


WristWidget brace

If you’ve followed my blog over the last several years then you know that I do a LOT of crocheting. What you don’t know is that I’ve also been suffering from wrist pain during most of that time. I would wear my regular wrist braces, but the friction of the constant movement against the elasticized fabric would cause hives. If I didn’t wear the brace then I would be sidelined for a few days with pain that ran down the outside of my wrist and only hurt when I was crocheting or bearing weight on it.

I knew it wasn’t carpal tunnel because I had none of those symptoms. And my wrist didn’t usually hurt unless I was pulling/opening something, lifting something, or trying to crochet. I did multiple searches online to try to figure out what was causing the pain and how I could get it to stop (short of giving up crochet).

Crocheting Finger Position 1-24-16

My chiropractor gave me suggestions for wrist-strengthening exercises, but nothing really seemed to help. If I spent more than a few hours every day crocheting during the week I wouldn’t be able to manipulate the hook by Saturday due to the pain. There had to be SOMETHING that could help!

A few weeks ago I was grumpy because it was Saturday morning and I couldn’t crochet. The pain was too intense. This made me angry and I was determined to figure out a way to fix it!

I’m not sure if I finally managed to get the right sequence of words in the search engine, but suddenly I found an article about Ulnar Sided Wrist Pain. They were describing my pain exactly! Okay, now that I knew what it was, how could I prevent it? More searching led me to the WristWidget website. Really? That little brace is going to help my pain? And they want $29 for it??!!

I searched online for other braces that could help with this particular issue, but there don’t really seem to be very many. I saw that this brace was listed on Amazon so I read the reviews. I don’t know why because I never fully believe the low rated ones and I always feel that the highly rated reviews are written by family and friends of the company. But I was spending my Saturday morning researching wrist pain instead of crocheting, so I tossed it in my cart and had it in my hands within two days.

So, what did I think?


Well, over the last two weeks I’ve done a LOT of crocheting and I’ve worn it whenever I have a hook in my hand. So far *knocks on wood* there hasn’t been any pain!! I am trying not to over-do it as any kind of repetitive motion is not good for extended periods of time. However, it has enabled me to do a lot more crocheting than I would have if I hadn’t been wearing it. I don’t make it really tight. I just snug it up enough to keep everything secure. Since there’s not a whole lot of material there it doesn’t constrict my wrist movement or hinder any kind of motion at all. In fact, sometimes I forget that I’m wearing it.

Sure, $29 might be a lot to pay for two pieces of Velcro, but it was money well spent. When you are in so much pain that you can’t hardly use your hand or wrist I don’t think you would bat an eye at giving somebody $29 to make it all go away. If you have this kind of wrist pain you can easily see if this will work for you by following the instructions given on their website. If taping your wrist (as they suggest) doesn’t work then don’t buy the brace. It’s as simple as that. It works for me and I love it.

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A Sewing Tray

If you read my post about the purse I made then you know that I used my Singer 301A. What you don’t know is that I came very close to NOT using my 301A. Not because it’s older or I can’t ever remember which way the bobbin has to be loaded into the case. Nope. The reason why I almost didn’t use it is because cleaning off the top of the cabinet (and temporarily relocating everything) seemed to be a bigger hassle than it was worth.

Sewing Cabinet Mess

To be fair, a lot of that stuff is on there because I’m using it for my current project. However, there’s still a LOT of stuff to move!

When I started making my purse and had to look at the cabinet mess strewn across various surfaces in my sewing room I gave Jay some measurements and asked him to please build me a tray. It took a little explaining to tell him exactly what I wanted and that I did not want it to be fancy.

Sewing Tray Stained 4-18-21

So he finished it and then it sat for about two months. I can’t recall if I told you in my purse post that it took me a while to actually make the silly bag. Much longer than it should have just because I had other things that needed my attention.

Finally I took the time to stain it. Then I let it sit for two MORE weeks before I finally got around to putting a couple coats of poly on it. I know, I know…

Sewing Tray Finished 5-1-21

Since it would be sitting on top of the sewing cabinet I glued felt on the bottom.

Sewing Tray Bottom 5-1-21

I feel like I should be dealing out a hand of cards on it.

After letting it sit for three days for the glue to dry (or because I had other things I was doing and didn’t get back to it), I cleared off the cabinet to see how it looked.

Sewing Tray on Cabinet

Like a glove…

Then it was time to load it back up (while also taking the time to relocate a few things so that it wasn’t as messy).

Loaded Sewing Tray

You have no idea how happy this makes me. The fact that I don’t have to spend a few minutes picking everything up and moving it somewhere else really improves my mood. Instead, I just have to pick up the whole tray and relocate it until I’m done.

Mobile Sewing Tray

Isn’t that great???!!

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Tulip Fields Afghan Finished!

The last time I showed you pictures of this afghan it was just a jumble of squares and triangles.

Last week I finished crocheting the few pieces that remained on the list. Then I started assemblying. First I laid out all of the tulip blocks to determine how I wanted to arrange them on the afghan. Then I stacked them in order so that I could grab off the top of the pile as I crocheted them together. In a project like this a little organization goes a long way. Finally it was done.

You can’t really tell, but I started with the palest pink tulip in the upper left corner and then worked my way down through the darker shades of pink. I pulled this picture into Photoshop so that I could darken it up a bit and add a little contrast to give you a better idea of the actual colors.

I didn’t darken this one up at all. I wanted you to somewhat be able to see the stitch pattern.

The good thing about using the single crochet stitch to join all of the blocks is that if you make a mistake it’s easy to tear out your stitching and start over. If I had been sewing it with a needle and yarn then there’s a very good chance that one of these tulips would have been on their side.

Of course the Quality Inspector had to check it out.

It seems that cleaning your face before inspecting the product helps you to see a lot clearer.

I can feel him judging my joining stitches. To be fair, though, it’s very difficult to attach blocks on a growing blanket when you have a little gray cat on your lap who gets grumpy if he gets covered up by said blanket.

“Relunctantly I am going to pass this blanket. The stitches are not even and I think I should sleep on this for a few weeks before I give my final verdict. However, I’m hungry and want to be fed so stop taking pictures and get me a can of food!”

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A Little Bit of This and That…

I am so happy that Spring has finally arrived! As the flowers start to grow, though, my To Do list does as well. I don’t have any finishes of my own to share with you today. Instead, I’m going to take you on a little trip through my scatter-brained thoughts.

I have been crocheting a blanket, or rather blocks for a blanket.

Tulip Afghan for Raven 2021

When my sister received her copy of Crochet World’s April 2021 issue she decided that she wanted to make the Tulip Fields Afghan for her mother-in-law. This pattern is rated for an Intermediate level so I knew my sister would have a bit of difficulty understanding the directions. I’d never crocheted a block like this before so I had to figure it out first so that I can help my sister out when she gets to it. It’s not very difficult. It just takes some organization when you have 8 different working yarns hanging off of your block. 

Tulip Afghan Blocks

I’m using Red Heart’s Super Saver Ombre yarn for the tulips and Main Stay’s black acrylic for the background. Main Stay is the Walmart brand so I’ll do a review of it once I’ve finished the afghan. I just finished all of the solid black blocks, the larger triangular pieces and I’m working on the last corner triangle. Then I just have 6 more tulip blocks to make before I can start sewing it together.

Sticking with crochet, I want to share with you the project that I’m going to start once the Tulip afghan is finished.

Seacliff Tunic CSUM2021

This is the Seacliff Tunic designed by Che Lam. It was in the Summer 2021 issue of Crochet! magazine and as soon as I laid eyes on it I had an overwhelming desire to make it. I used one of my Hobby Lobby gift cards and ordered enough of the Yarn Bee Sugarwheel Cotton to make it in my size. I decided to use black instead of the blue because it will go with more of my outfits. 

Since those projects aren’t enough, I’ve also determined that I need to revise the Astroflora shawl that I made five years ago. This was the first project that I ever crocheted. I can’t believe that I’ve only been crocheting for 5 years! Anyway, this is the shawl I’m talking about:

Astroflora Shawl Done - 4-2-16

I wore it the other day because it was just chilly enough that I needed one more layer and I didn’t want to bother with a jacket. As I was wearing it I had to keep adjusting it because it felt too small. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been wearing the Atlanta Astroflora shawl that I made while on my trip to Atlanta a while later. I used up all of the yarn I’d brought with me which caused the finished project to be much larger than the pattern intended. I actually like that size and have determined that I should make this original one larger. The only problem is that I don’t have any of the original yarn that I used for it. I don’t know if I can even remember what it was, but I’m not too worried. Instead I’m going to use some of the solid DK yarns that I used on the Solar System blanket. The colors should be close enough that they will go nicely.

Is this all that I have lined up to work on? Of course not! If I don’t have an insane amount of things to make then I feel like I’m being a slacker. lol

I think I’ve mentioned that this year I’m going to attempt to make about 25 lunch bags for the guys in the substance abuse program in my town. Last year I made the hats for them. This year I want to make the lunch bags and fill them with snacks. I have two different patterns that I’ve purchased and need to try out. I’m pretty sure I’m going to go with the Dillan Lunch Bag by i Think Sew patterns. I like the size and there’s a tutorial on YouTube that I can follow. I do have another pattern that I’m trying, but as I cut it out I instinctively realized that I’m not going to like it. I’ve already got the material cut out, though, so I’m going to at least put it together.

Lunch Box Sample 1

In woodworking news, Jay has a new project that I’ve just given to him. My mother-in-law offered to give me a lingerie chest that she no longer needed. I opened up the drawer and looked inside.

Lingerie Chest Drawer

It was real wood! My current lingerie chest is a cheap particle board unit that I picked up at Kmart nine years ago. I would love to have a solid wood one so I told Karen that I would take it once the weather warmed up because I want to strip it and refinish it.

Lingerie Chest 4-12-21

This past weekend was gorgeous so I asked Jay to bring it home with him the next time he was over at his mom’s. He did, but when I saw the bottom I wanted to strangle the person who designed this piece.

Lingerie Chest Bottom

Particle board!!!! GRRRRRRRR

You can’t refinish particle board and the bottom of this apparently got wet at some point. Now I was torn. I didn’t want to replace one particle board chest with another, and especially one that would have to be repainted and repaired. Yet I hated to burn perfectly good wooden drawers. I discussed it with Jay, and when he gets some time, he’s going to take measurements and build me a new carcass for the drawers. Yea!!! Isn’t he good to me??

Okay, so I’m almost done. I have two finishes that I want to show you even though they aren’t mine. I went up to my parents’ for Easter and my mom handed me two quilts. One is for Project Linus (I hand them in for her):

Babe's Pink Project Linus Quilt 2021

The other one is for me and Jay:

Babe's Civil War Quilt 2021

Normally I’m not an orange kind of person, but this was made from a kit that Jay’s mom’s friend had given to me. She knew that I was into the Civil War and this kit had reproduction fabric in it based on fabrics manufactured during the Civil War.

Babe's Civil War Quilt Fabric

My mom had to do some additional work and use the backing fabric that came with it in order to increase the size. She knows that we have a king size bed and the original pattern for this kit would barely fit a double. Jay thinks it will be great to have on the bed in the fall. I think that it’s nice to have another big quilt that is long enough on the sides where we don’t have to fight over who has the cold butt at night. lol

My mom does a fantastic job arranging the pattern pieces and then quilting it with her long arm. In fact, even the quality inspector was very impressed with the workmanship on these quilts. They both received A+ grades.

Bob 4-12-21

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