Becoming A Cat Momma Again

It’s been almost three months since I last posted on this blog. Not because we haven’t done anything, but because I’ve been so busy that I just haven’t had time. I didn’t do any sewing for almost a full two months (more about that in a later post) and Jay’s work schedule was all over in September, and in October he was in Michigan for work the entire month (except the weekends). The other big thing that happened was we added to our household. Labor Day weekend I brought home three adorable guys.

New Babies 9-4-22

I would like to introduce Toby (in the front), Demetri (back left) and Mikhail (right). I have volunteered at the shelter for 2 years and these were the first guys that I had to take home. I really tried to resist it because I didn’t want to upset Bob, but we had two big adoption events that I had to choke back tears when I said my goodbyes to them (I was sure they would get adopted), but they were always there the next time I returned. I decided that the only home I wanted them going to was mine.


Mikhail 9-4-22

Poor little Mikhail had an upper respiratory infection when I brought them home. I was given antibiotics for him and so I gave him meds for 10 days. I also kept them quarantined so that Bob didn’t catch it. Luckily the other two never came down with it. At the shelter Mikhail’s name had been Penguin, but I couldn’t bring myself to continue to call him by that name. He is a smaller cat with somewhat stubby legs, but he’s got enough personality and character for two cats twice his size.


Demetri 9-4-22

Demetri and Mikhail were litter mates, but Demetri was a lighter gray and a slightly bigger stature. He had so much energy, though! He and Mikhail loved to rough-house all the time. My legs were constantly scratched up because Demetri insisted on playing with his toys against my legs and feet. He was very affectionate. The first day that I had to go to work after I brought them home I ran home during lunch to check on them. He was so happy to see me that he had to jump up and give me kisses.

Demetri Kisses

Yes, I’m talking about him in the past because two weeks after bringing him home he suddenly wasn’t acting like himself. I contacted the director of the shelter and she let me bring him in immediately to be checked over. She didn’t like what she saw, so she sent me to the vet as an emergency case. We ended up taking him to an animal hospital an hour away because his blood sugar level was critically low (and the glucose drip the regular vet had him on didn’t hardly budge it) and they thought his liver felt enlarged. I still don’t know what caused his problems or what he had because the next day he went into cardiac arrest and we lost him. I only had him for two weeks, but he was a sweetheart and we all miss him so much.


Toby 9-4-22

To be fair, Toby was the one I first fell in love with when I saw him in the shelter. His litter came in on a Sunday and by Saturday, when I’m there, he was the only one left. He was so loving and cute. He just wanted to be held and carried around. He was placed in the kitten pen with Demetri, Mikhail and two of their siblings. Eventually, it was just the three of them in the pen because the others had been adopted. I knew if I took Toby I would have to adopt at least one more kitten to keep him company (in case Bob decided he didn’t want anything to do with the new babies). However, there was no way I could take two kittens and leave one behind. No kitten left behind. So I adopted all three.

Toby 09 2022

Look at that little face. Toby was so happy to have a forever home. In the shelter his name was Tobias, but I started calling him Toby and now I can’t call him anything else. The boys were in the shelter for over a month before I finally decided to bring them home. They were almost 5 months old. Toby is only a few days older than Mikhail.

Toby and Mikhail 10 2022

You guys, it had been 17 years since I’d really had kittens in the house. Since they were quarantined upstairs I had to split my time between them and Bob. After Demetri was gone I told Jay that we had to start the introduction process because I had too much to do to hang out in their room with them for hours at night. We did it very slowly, and in stages, but it seemed to work okay.

Bob and Babies

Bob wasn’t quite sure about them at first, but he was curious enough to keep an eye on them. After he realized that momma still loved him he decided that maybe they weren’t too bad.

Bob and Mikhail

Things were going smoothly with the babies and Bob, so I thought that we were good-to-go. Then suddenly Bob was not himself. It had only been two weeks since I’d lost Demetri, so I was afraid that maybe I was being overly-sensitive and prone to seeing illness where there wasn’t. It was like a switch had flipped; one day he was Bob and the next day he was an old cat. He didn’t want to eat and wasn’t drinking much. Of course, this all started happening on a Friday. By Saturday I couldn’t get him to eat anything and I was sure that this was the end. I spent that entire day watching him with an eagle eye and crying. Sunday morning I woke up and determined I was going to get him to drink water no matter what, so I grabbed the tiny syringe that I’d used for Mikhail’s antibiotics and I made Bob drink water. Once I’d done this a few times I put him down and he drank and drank and drank on his own. I was worried about him getting sick since he hadn’t hardly eaten or drank anything in two days, so I had to try to moderate his intake. After church we stopped at Walmart so I could get a bigger syringe and some baby food. I syringe-fed him that day. He didn’t eat a lot, but at least he ate something.

I got him into his vet that Monday morning. They did bloodwork, gave him a pill to kick-start his appetite, and gave him some IV fluids because he was dehydrated. They did a few other tests, but the vet heard a heart murmur so he also ordered another cardiac blood test. Everything came back normal and in very good ranges. The only thing that was off was one of the indicators of muscle damage. The vet speculated that this was probably heart damage, but we had to wait for the other test to come back. When it did it showed that there was heart damage. We don’t know if Bob had a heart event that caused him to stop eating and drinking, or what, but the vet said the next steps were to take him to a cardiologist for an echocardiogram. Except, my two options are at least an hour away.

Bob 10-15-22

Isn’t he so pretty? If I thought it would help and there would be something that could be done, I would take him. However, he’s 17 and he hates car rides. If he has heart problems I’m afraid the drive to the clinic, plus the length of time they would have to take him away from me for the test, and the drive home would be a HUGE stressor on his heart. Then what? If there’s heart damage what can be done? He has no other symptoms of the usual things that cause heart murmurs (virus, infection, etc), so there’s really not anything they can do. I don’t want to put him through all of that stress for nothing. I made the decision to not take him to the cardiologist, and instead I’m going to spoil him as much as I can for however much life he has left with us. Luckily, *knock on wood*, since his visit to the vet he has been doing very well. He eats like a champ, drinks as much as he should, and seems to be almost normal. I’ve noticed lately that he seems to be moving a little slower, but he’s old. There are times he’ll run around with the babies and I find myself yelling, “Bob! Don’t be running around like that! You have a bad heart!” He doesn’t pay any attention, though.

Bob-Mikhail-Toby Helping 11 2022

You’re probably tired of reading about my cats. I just have a few more things to say, and then I will post a few more silly pictures. Toby is so chill. If you’ve ever seen the US sitcom The Office then I can tell you that his personality is very similar to Toby in HR. He is so laid back and relaxed. It’s almost a Maine Coone personality. The silly thing is that he is not at all cuddly and clingy like he was in the shelter. He wants to be near me and get attention, but he doesn’t really want to be held.

Mikhail, on the other hand, has to be held. He won’t just lay on my lap, either. I have to actually hold him up on my chest. When he wants to be held he either gets up high enough where he can stretch his front paws up on my chest, or else he simply launches himself at me and expects that I will catch him.

Here’s a picture of him while I was holding him:

Mikhail Sleeping

Doesn’t that make your heart melt?

So these guys have been a big part of why I haven’t been blogging. Between sick cats and just trying to get them introduced into the house my time was not my own. As you can see from the picture of them above, even when I try to do anything in my sewing room I have supervision. But that’s okay. They are spoiled and loved beyond measure.

Toby sleeping on the cat tree:

Toby Sleeping

Mikhail in the middle of a sneeze:

Mikhail 10-15-22


Toby 11-23-22


Mikhail Cuddles


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More Crossbody Purses

When I haven’t been making H2O 2GO slings, I’ve been making purses. I have three to show you that are made using the On a Break Crossbody pattern by Sincerely Jen. Until recently, this was the purse that I carried every day. I made one change to the pattern that I use; I added 1″ to the gussett to make it a bit wider. I think it’s the perfect size.

I apologize for the following pictures. I apparently didn’t have the right filter on my camera and didn’t notice until I’d already given the purse away.

Cat Crossbody Purse

This is a hot pink purse. Cat-themed, of course. I used rose gold hardware to bling it up a bit.

Cat Crossbody Zipper Pull

I like this zipper pull. I purchase them from

I used rainbow cats for the lining.

Cat Crossbody Interior

And what do rainbow cats leave behind?

Rainbow footprints, of course!

Cat Crossbody Accent Fabric

This was one of the first purses that I could sew on my new bag tag.

Cat Crossbody Back

Another purse I was asked to make was a sailing-themed purse. That’s all I was given. That, and the recipient’s favorite color is green.

Sailing Crossbody Bag

I think this one turned out pretty nice. I purchased the anchor zipper pull from My Handmade Space.

It was actually a challenge to find sailing-themed fabric that would go with dark green. I think I did an okay job, though.

Sailing Crossbody Interior

I just used a simple white zipper pull for the inside pocket, but the top zipper pull was another anchor.

Sailing Crossbody Back

The last purse that I want to show you was made for a very good friend. She’d been having a rough time of things so when I found some Star Wars themed hardware, I knew I had to make her a purse.

Star Wars Strap Connector

If I’d had the fabric that you can see in the background of the above picture, I would have used it for the front pocket. However, this purse was made before I came across the stained glass-looking fabric.

Star Wars Crossbody Bag

Obviously, I had to use a Millenium Falcon zipper pull.

Then I had a bit of an accident and needed to fix it, so I added a piece of velcro and included a package of patches that can be switched out as the desire strikes.

Star Wars Patch

The inside zipper screamed for an At-At, so I added it (even though I know it’s on the dark side of things). But they are so cute!

Star Wars Interior Zipper Pull

That inspired me a bit, though. After all, you can’t have good without the bad, so in the pocket I hid an evil army.

Star Wars Purse Interior Pocket

I have also made a backpack and another Sincerely Jen pattern. I also have a child’s backpack in process of being sewn, plus I have two more bags cut out. Oh, and I have another bag in the lineup, but I haven’t printed out the pattern yet or cut it out. Soon, though, that will happen.

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The Next Files

Two weeks ago I showed you some of the file handles Jay made.

Files 10

What happens when you have slightly larger files that don’t have handles? You make larger handles. This is a good project for some of those little scraps that are laying around.

Files 11

While the glue is drying you realize that you don’t have the right tools to actually turn the handle. What do you do? You make your own.

Jay only had some long round stock, but he needed something shorter and fatter. So he chucked it into the lathe…

Files 12

… and with some fancy handwork got it squished into the shape he needed.

Files 13

Once you have the correct size you can start facing it and turning a shallow divot.

Files 14

Files 15

You don’t want to use a plain ol’ holder, so add some decorative elements to it.

Files 16

Oooo… fancy, fancy!

Now that the glue is dried on your wooden blocks you can use your new fancy tool to hold them on the lathe.

Files 17

Files 18

Turn the wooden block into whatever shape you think will fit your hand the best.

Files 19

After a little finishing and some gum (to get the handle to stick to the file) you will have a beautiful handle for your favorite file.

Files 20

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Project Linus Blanket #44

Project Linus Blanket #44

Project Linus Blanket #43 - Frozen Lake 8-10-22

“Frozen Lake”

This is my latest blanket for Project Linus. I used Creative Grandma’s pattern Winter in the Woods. After I saw this pattern on YouTube I wanted to give it a try. It was a very easy pattern to follow and worked up quickly. I enjoyed this pattern so much that I want to use it for some more that I already have kitted up. I just have to figure out how far I can get with a slightly different yarn because that will determine how wide I make my stripes.

Project Linus Blanket #43 Detail

I really like the texture these stitches create, too.

The pattern called for Premier Yarn’s Puzzle Yarn, but I used Yarn Bee’s Soft & Sleek.

Project Linus Blanket #43 Yarn

I used 9 full skeins and a smidgeon of a 10th. I did not put a border on it because I didn’t feel that it needed it. I really enjoyed this yarn, too. It was so NICE on my fingers and the crochet hook.

I also made a baby blanket for a friend who is expecting her second child in November.

Baby Blanket 6-21-22

This is the Woven Rainbow Blanket by Mary Maxim.

I saw this in a catalog and loved the look of it. I looked, but I couldn’t buy just the pattern so I bought the kit. I think I chose the ‘Twizzler’ color.

Baby Blanket Detail 6-21-22

I think that when I crochet crossed stitches like this I tend to crochet too tightly. This blanket was supposed to be much bigger, but it’s only big enough to use with the baby carrier. It looks neat, but felt like it took FOREVER to crochet. I’ll be honest, I actually decided to just finish it off because I was tired of working on it.

Baby Blanket Back 6-21-22

This is the back. It was interesting, but I probably won’t ever make it again. Just because it’s a lot of work with very little progress. I also did not care for the yarn. You can tell it’s a lower-cost baby acrylic. It’s not as cheap-feeling as Red Heart Super Saver, but it’s definitely not a Hobby Lobby or Yarn Bee acrylic.

Currently I’m working on some Christmas gifts and then I’ll get back to another Project Linus blanket.

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Getting a Handle on a File

I knew it had been a while, but I didn’t realize it had been two months since I’d last posted. You probably thought that we disappeared! Perhaps we had to join the Witness Protection Program. Or maybe we’d won the lottery and were traveling. Unfortunately, it was nothing interesting or fun. The simple fact is that Jay was working all kinds of crazy hours, I was working all kinds of crazy hours, and when I did have something I could post it was either sewing or crochet. Since I’d posted a lot of that before I didn’t want to inundate you with more.

Today I return with a Jay project. I know that some of you like these kinds of posts. You just never know what he’s going to decide to make. I gave you a big clue in the subject of this post, and here’s another clue:


As you can see, Jay has a selection of files that do not have handles. They can be a bit dangerous to use in certain circumstances, so a handle is preferred. Why buy one, though, when you can make it?

All you need are a few pieces of wood (or whatever material you want for your handle).

Files 1

Using scrap pieces is great. If you have glue and some clamps you can make the size of block that you need for whatever file you have in your drawer.

Next you need to get it into a shape that will be comfortable in your hand. More often than not this will be a round shape. We’ll use the four-jaw chuck to hold onto our block of wood as we start to turn it into a rounded shape.

Files 2

Apparently we are making four handles.

In order to turn the other side of the handle we’ll need to use a collet chuck, so let’s turn all of these at once so that we don’t have to keep switching out chucks.

Files 3

Use your calipers to ensure the end that will hold the file is at the correct O.D. to fit into the collar that you’ll be applying to the handle end. Once you’ve done that you can finish off the other side of the handle.

Files 4

Using the tailstock to hold the end of your work will make sure that things don’t go wonky. There’s nothing worse than a wonky handle file.

Files 5

How pretty!

Next, chuck up the piece of metal that you are going to use for the handle collars.

Files 6

Cut to length and chamfer one end.

Files 7

That picture is almost pretty enough to be framed. Those are some beautiful chips.

Finally, install the collar on the handle.

Files 8

Files 9

Insert your files and you’re done!

Files 10

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More H2O 2GO Slings!

You might remember that a few months ago I made Jay’s mom a H2O 2GO sling for her birthday.

Addie Modeling Sling

She uses it a lot and loves it.

This year our church is asking parishioners to donate hand crafted items to be sold at our summer festival. I thought that I would make a couple of these and donate them to the craft sale. The problem was that I couldn’t stop myself. I’ve cut out enough pieces to make four slings for church, plus one for my sister’s birthday.

H2O 2GO 1

Prepping and cutting out the pieces is not fun, but it has to be done.

H2O 2GO 2

I’ve laid the zippers with the material so that you can see what I’ve chosen. The Seinfeld sling will have a kitten zipper pull because it’s for my sister.

H2O 2GO 3

You can’t really tell, but the Steelers’ sling has a little football zipper pull.

I knew that I wanted to use floral material and then I decided that I had to add a little extra bling. I told Karen that I bought some fun zippers for the slings. “What do you mean by ‘fun’ zippers?” she asked.

Fun Zippers

Metallic rainbow ones! I thought that the little rose gold butterflies would look good, too.

But did I stop there? No. As I was starting to get the pieces together I decided that while I was making a bunch of these I was going to make one for myself, too. So I did.

My H2O 2GO sling

Isn’t it adorable??!!

Cat Water Sling

Nobody can be grumpy with those little kitten faces looking at you. Awww!

Cat Water Sling Zipper

I also used a fun zipper with a kitten pull (the kitten is holding a ball of yarn… how perfect!).

And what is on the inside of the pocket?

Cat Water Sling Interior Pocket

More Kittens!!!! 😀

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No More Carpet!

This past weekend we celebrated Memorial Day in the United States. Most people plan picnics, family gatherings and other fun things. What do I do? I plan projects. Most of the time it involves my flower beds, but this year I decided that there was a more pressing project that I wanted to do.

Nasty Carpeting 1

Nasty Carpeting!!

Nasty Carpeting 2

This carpeting was here when we moved in 9.5 years ago. What we should have done back then is taken the time to remove the carpeting and then refinish all of the hardwood floors. However, when we signed on the house Jay and I had already been married for two weeks and were still living in our separate places. We just wanted to start our marriage TOGETHER.

I’ve done everything that I could with this carpeting because Jay wasn’t a huge fan of hardwood floors in the winter. After years of trying to clean it I finally gave up and told Jay that I wanted it gone. I hated it. We had no idea what was under it, but I told him that at this point I would happily live with whatever it was just so long as the carpet was gone!

Carpet Removed 1

Sunday afternoon, after Jay’s nap, we tore it out!

I was very excited to see that the floors were not as damaged as I had feared.

Carpet Removed 2

After the carpeting was outside (cut and rolled into manageable pieces) I told Jay he was free to go play in his workshop while I did the rest. We are not refinishing the floor any time soon because if we do this one we will have to do all of them, and that’s over half of the first floor.

I then spent the next five hours pulling staples, nails and tack strips.

Pulling Staples 2

Jay snuck up and took a few pictures of me. I was listening to a Jane Austen audiobook while working my way around the room.

Pulling Staples

At least it was a gorgeous day so I could have the windows and door open.

Destapled 1

Really, overall, the floor didn’t look too bad. Is it perfect? No. Is it nasty carpeting? No! Then I’m good…

Destapled 2

There are deep scratches…

Deep Scratches

Water stains…

Water Damage

Burn Marks…

Burn Marks

And so many holes!


But it’s okay. I can live with all of these without an issue.

Today, after doing some yard work first thing in the morning and then trying to overcome the sinus headache created by the weeding, I finished cleaning the living room. First I washed the walls and then I got down on my hands and knees so that I could scrub the floor.

Washing the Floor

Jay said that I became way too excited when I told him that I was going to use Murphy’s Oil Soap to wash the floor.

You can’t really tell by the pictures, but after seeing the water I KNOW that I really washed a lot of dirt off of this floor.

Floor Washed 1

Floor Washed 2

Before we ate supper we moved the furniture back into the living room.

Finished 1

Finished 2

This makes me VERY happy.

Maybe we’ll refinish the floor in a few years. I’m not in a hurry, though, because I still have Bob and one of his favorite hobbies is throwing up on hardwood floors.

There are still a few projects left to do, but we’ll get to them eventually. We have to plug all of the holes and Jay has to make some trim to wrap around the tile by the door.

Entry Tile

But it’s okay because the nasty carpeting is gone!!!!

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Cat Purses!!

Be honest… who hasn’t wanted a purse with cats on it?? Well, I made a couple.

On A Break Crossbody Bag

On A Break Crossbody bag by Sincerely Jen Patterns

This is the pattern that I used to make my own purse last year. I really like this purse. It’s about the right size for everything I need to carry, plus it can hold my 32oz water bottle when I don’t have enough hands.

On A Break Crossbody Gray Interior

I didn’t want to use loud fabric for the lining on the gray purse. I thought the paw prints would be nice.

The purple purse with the rainbow of cats, though, needed the extra noise.

On A Break Crossbody Bag interior

This purse has an interior zipper pocket, and exterior slip pocket and the main accent pocket on the front (which includes a zippered pocket in the flap).

On A Break Crossbody Bag Exterior Pocket

The only modification I’ve made to this pattern is to widen the gussett panel by 1″.

I also made two more purses.

Artemis Shoulder Bag

Artemis Shoulder Bag by Toriska

I wanted a bag that would really show off the accent fabric. I also thought that some people might want more of a larger bucket-type of purse versus the compact crossbody style.

This purse has a zipper pocket on one side and a slip pocket on the other.

Artemis Shoulder Bag Exterior

Not to mention the exterior gussett pockets. I’m not sure what you would use them for, but you can leave them off if you don’t like them.

Artemis Shoulder Bag Top

The interior has a zipper pocket, too.

Artemis Shoulder Bag Interior

The only modification I made to this bag was to the strap. I made it 60″ long so that you could either keep it shorter for a shoulder bag, or make it longer for a crossbody bag.

Artemis Shoulder Bag Shoulder

Artemis Shoulder Bag Crossbody

If you’re wondering, I used waterproof canvas from Fabric Wholesale Direct. I bought the quilt cotton with the cats on it from JoAnn Fabrics and

And I can’t forget the beautiful zipper pulls!

Cat Zipper Pull

I know, it’s fuzzy. It’s a cat with a rose on it’s back. I bought them at Check them out!

I had a little difficulty with the Artemis Shoulder bag, but there are tutorial videos out there so if you get stuck you can watch the video to figure out what you’re doing wrong. I had to watch it a few times. I would definitely make this bag again.

I gave these to the cat shelter where I volunteer so that they could sell them at the craft show they had this previous weekend. I was asked why I didn’t sell them myself, but I just don’t have the time to sew up enough inventory to stock a booth/table. I wouldn’t mind doing custom orders as long as there wasn’t a hard-and-fast deadline.

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Chea-Pass Collet Chuck

Jay needed a collet chuck for his lathe. The problem? He couldn’t get the Finance Director to sign off on his requistion for a new one. His wife is mean like that.

The other problem was that the commercially available ones were ER32 and Jay already owned ER25. If he couldn’t get the requisition signed off for the collet chuck, there was no WAY he would get it signed off for the chuck AND a new set of collets.

While at work, he poured a cup of coffee and it was so bad that he thought he could machine a collet chuck out of it!

Collet Chuck 1

(I’ve asked Jay to help me write this post because I have no idea what’s going on in most of these pictures. He doesn’t like my commentary, so if the rest of this post is not funny at all it’s not my problem ~ Management)

“At work I took a coffee cup, set it into a coffee can on a bed of sand and made a mold around it. It was poured and I let it cool. Then I cut two pieces out of it to check the machinability and to be able to use it with the four jaw chuck.

Collet Chuck 4

First thing that had to be done was to clamp it on the mill and face off the big end.

Collet Chuck 2

I wanted to make sure there wouldn’t be a big interrupted cut and to get a reasonably flat surface for indicating on the lathe.

Once in the lathe I started facing and turning the large diameter.

Collet Chuck 5

I used a center drill in preparation for a registration shoulder to bolt it directly to the lathe spindle.

Collet Chuck 6

Collet Chuck 7

Collet Chuck 8

Once I had the registration surface, and it fit well, I moved it back over to the mill. I then found center on the hole and drilled and tapped a bolt hole circle to fit the lathe spindle.

Collet Chuck 11

Collet Chuck 12

The small end was no longer needed on the casting, so I cut it off.

Collet Chuck 13

Now I could remove the four-jaw chuck from the spindle and bolt the casting directly to the spindle for the rest of the work.

Collet Chuck 14

I began turning and facing to remove the rough casting. Even though the casting was full of holes I knew they were just on the surface and would be machined off in the process.

Collet Chuck 15

Collet Chuck 16

I began boring out the center.

Collet Chuck 17

I had to bore it out to 3/4″. Then I used the compound and began machining the taper.

Collet Chuck 18

(Note from Management – He used the chicken head to do this. Back to Jay…)

Collet Chuck 19

The external threads were cut using single point on the lathe. They are metric threads cut on an Imperial lathe. Interesting to say the least.

(Note from Management – Darth Vader was NOT involved….)

Darth Vader

After threading, contouring was the next step.

Collet Chuck 20

Collet Chuck 21

If you’re wondering, this is what five pounds of cast iron chips look like attached to a magnet.

Collet Chuck 22

Contouring…. Finished!

Collet Chuck 23

Collet and nut installed. The run-out on the taper is .0005″. Good enough for my underground shop. Now it’s time to grab a dull beaver and start making more chips!

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Project Linus Blanket #42

Project Linus Blanket #42:

Project Linus Blanket #42 - Time Out 4-28-22

“Time Out”

I was only a third of the way through this blanket when I had to put it in time out. Not that it had misbehaved, but my wrist was NOT having it any more. Despite trying to be careful, shoveling heavy, wet snow about a week and a half apart (lots of it) really did a number on my wrist. It was painful. It even hurt when I was wearing my brace.

So for Lent this year I gave up crocheting. That was painful, too. I’d just purchased some wonderful yarn for two more blankets after this one was finished. And it all had to sit there. Taunting me. *sigh*

Instead of crocheting I spent time reading and doing some spiritual study. It was good for me.

Easter day I put my brace on and made a few stitches. I was half-afraid that I’d forgotten how to crochet! I felt a little rusty, but I quickly picked up steam. I held myself back and only crocheted for about an hour, and I’ve been slowly increasing the amount of time that I can spend hooking. So far, so good. I was able to complete this blanket!

Project Linus Blanket #42 Detail

To be honest, I just wanted to get this one done so that I could move on to the delicious yarns. The yarn that I used for this project was some that I’d purchased a few years ago from Michaels. It’s their brand CraftSmart and it sucks. It’s worse than Super Saver, that’s how plastic it feels. However, I’m told it softens up a bit after a few washes. Let’s hope so. There’s not much left after this blanket so I think it’s going to get tossed so that I don’t have to use it again.

The blanket I’m currently working on uses Yarn Bee’s (Hobby Lobby brand) Sugarwheel. It’s so soft! I love it and I have some more Yarn Bee lined up for the blanket after that one. I can’t wait!

Project Linus Blanket #42

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