The Next Files

Two weeks ago I showed you some of the file handles Jay made.

Files 10

What happens when you have slightly larger files that don’t have handles? You make larger handles. This is a good project for some of those little scraps that are laying around.

Files 11

While the glue is drying you realize that you don’t have the right tools to actually turn the handle. What do you do? You make your own.

Jay only had some long round stock, but he needed something shorter and fatter. So he chucked it into the lathe…

Files 12

… and with some fancy handwork got it squished into the shape he needed.

Files 13

Once you have the correct size you can start facing it and turning a shallow divot.

Files 14

Files 15

You don’t want to use a plain ol’ holder, so add some decorative elements to it.

Files 16

Oooo… fancy, fancy!

Now that the glue is dried on your wooden blocks you can use your new fancy tool to hold them on the lathe.

Files 17

Files 18

Turn the wooden block into whatever shape you think will fit your hand the best.

Files 19

After a little finishing and some gum (to get the handle to stick to the file) you will have a beautiful handle for your favorite file.

Files 20

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