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Machining CNC Router Parts

Jay and I share many things in common, but one of them is the fact that we both have numerous hobbies that we tend to work on at the same time. Or at least, we tend to have numerous projects … Continue reading

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Too Many Projects!

I thought that once Christmas was done I would have more time to work on other projects. After all, my obligations would have been fulfilled. Right? Nope. What ends up happening is somebody will mention how much they like something… … Continue reading

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Still Grieving

In my last post I mentioned that we were going to take in a cat who was in need of a loving home. She arrived Friday evening, but by Saturday morning I had to have her picked up and taken … Continue reading

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Real Life 1-10-20

I thought it was about time that I give you guys another reason for being glad that your life isn’t as messy as mine. There used to be a show called, “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” Well, this blog … Continue reading

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A Horse Puppy

My sister and I are cat people. Dogs are okay, but we would rather surround ourselves with cats. When she got married, her husband brought a “dog” into the relationship. You can’t really call Chloe a dog (she’s in the … Continue reading

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A Wooden Surface

I don’t know what to actually call one of the gifts that Jay made me for Christmas. It’s similar to an adjustable computer tray that you see in living rooms, but yet it’s slightly different. Let me tell you why … Continue reading

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Crocheted Garments for Christmas

I believe it was a few weeks ago when I posted that I wanted to make a new top to wear to Christmas Eve mass. I found the Abundant Motifs Tunic: I looked on Ravelry to see how many people … Continue reading

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