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A Guy Walks Into A Bar…

Or maybe a guy works at a bar. No, that’s not right. Hmmm. Let’s start looking at pictures and maybe I can work out the right saying. Jay used to be a bit irritated if I brought work home, but … Continue reading

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When the Workshop and Sewing Room Collide…

Today would normally be a day when I would post something that Jay has made. Except, I think the only thing he’s been making are blank bullet molds in preparation for his coworker’s ammo requirements. It gives Jay a project … Continue reading

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Imperfect Crocheted Tops

The biggest problem I have with social media is that many people look at somebody’s account and feel like they aren’t as good/as pretty/as talented as this person appears to be. I honestly hope that nobody thinks that everything I … Continue reading

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Jay’s Must-Have Machining Tools

Recently Jay obtained a different position at work. This new position will involve robot programming, robot troubleshooting, prototyping, and machining. Essentially, they are now going to pay Jay to do what he usually does in our basement. It would be … Continue reading

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Project Linus Blankets #40 & 41

Project Linus Blanket #40 “Minty Goodness” If you recall, I received the Projet Linus version of Annie’s Caring Crochet kits this past fall, but I wasn’t happy with the blanket pattern they included. It was much too holey for what … Continue reading

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A Miter Gauge for the Disc Sander

If you have a hobby, it doesn’t matter what it is, then you know there are times when you need to do something and a certain tool would come in VERY handy. The problem is that you don’t need it … Continue reading

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Annie’s Caring Crochet Kits – End of 2021

I’ve had two of the Annie’s Caring Crochet Kits waiting for me to post about them, then my latest one showed up last week. So I’m mashing them all into one post. Handmade Brigade Here is another charitable group doing … Continue reading

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A Portable Band Saw Table

Next week I’ll go back to posting on Mondays, but I wanted to share one of Jay’s latest projects. You see, he was a very good boy during 2021 so he got some nice things for Christmas. One of these … Continue reading

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Christmas 2021 – Kerry’s Projects

Now that a new year is upon us I thought that perhaps I should close out the old one by showing you the gifts that I made for Christmas 2021. But first, I want to actually show you the box … Continue reading

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Christmas 2021 – Jay’s Projects

Now that all the presents have been handed out, I can post the pictures. One of the first projects I want to share with you is something that Jay has actually been working on for a few months. His mom … Continue reading

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