Walker Caddies and the H2O 2GO Sling

I haven’t been able to crochet for several weeks because I aggravated my wrist when trying to shovel 40″ of snow we received from the last two storms. That’s okay, though, because I had a few things I needed to sew.

The first one is the H2O 2GO Sling by Linds Handmade.

Addie Modeling Sling

Addie was nice enough to model it for me.

This sling is big enough that it holds my 32oz water bottle with plenty of room left over.

H2O2GO Sling

This was a birthday gift for Jay’s mom. She likes to have a bottle of water with her when she takes her dog for a walk.

I thought this would work great for her because she could keep either her keys, phone or extra poop bags in the zippered pocket.

H2O2GO Sling2

I was at JoAnn Fabrics when I saw this celestial fabric. I knew I had to get it. I just didn’t know what I was going to make with it.

H2O2GO Sling3

Then I started figuring out what I was going to make Karen for her birthday. That’s when this fabric jumped into my head because these are her colors.

H2O2GO Sling1

I used waterproof canvas for the lining and the crossbody strap.

The next project I worked on was a walker caddy for my friend. She was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy last year and has recently started to use a walker. I thought these might come in handy.

Walker Caddies

I believe she was going to get one walker for home and one for work, so I made two. And yes, she loves cats as much, if not more, than I do.

Blue Caddy2

Aren’t those little faces so cute??

I wasn’t sure what the measurements were for her walker, so I used Simplicity pattern #S9309.

For the blue one I used white denim on the back, and on the pink one I used more waterproof canvas.

Pink Caddy Back

I didn’t want it to be too flimsy.

Pink Caddy2

There are pockets on both sides so I tried to make sure that you could see all of the cats between the two sides.

Pink Caddy1

I love that cat fabric. You can find it at Walmart, if you’re wondering.

I’ve been working on other projects, but they are being shipped to the lucky recipient, so you will have to wait until next time to see those!

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