Slinging Away with H2O 2GO Slings

I believe the last time I mentioned the H2O 2GO sling was this past summer when I had cut out pieces to make for my church’s craft sale.

H2O 2GO 1

I also made a Seinfeld-themed sling for my sister’s birthday.

H2O2GO 07 2022

Oh, and I made a Star Wars-themed sling for my friend.

Light Saber Zipper Pull

Complete with a custom light saber zipper pull. Jay decided that the zipper pulls I already had wouldn’t work. So he made one for me.

Zipper Pull Light Saber

There are more H2O 2GO slings in this post, and I haven’t yet counted, so let’s see in total how many of these I made in 2022.

There were the 2 from the original post, 1 Seinfeld, 1 Star Wars and 4 for church = 8.

Once my brother-in-law saw my sister’s sling, he wanted one. (9)

H2O2GO Brown

I was trying to get fancy with my picture-taking. Here are the ones I made for church.

H2O2GO 2022

H2O2GO Teams 07 2022

The floral ones sold at the church’s sale. The sports-themed ones did not.

In the meantime, I had to make one for Jay’s coworker. (10)

H2O2GO Sunflower

H2O2GO Sunflower Pocket

H2O2GO Sunflower Zipper

H2O2GO Sunflower Back

Last year for Christmas I made 24 lunch bags for the guys in a halfway house program. This year I decided to make them some water slings. I decided to use the 2 that I had left over, so that meant I only had to make 22 more for them. (32)

To make things easier I decided to use just two different colors for the interior pieces, and then I had a handful of different fabrics for the exterior.

Bulk Sewing Slings

Bulk Sewing Slings3

Bulk Sewing Slings2

22 H2O2GO Slings 12 2022

H2O2GO Grp3

H2O2GO Grp2

H2O2GO Grp1

My group purchased water bottles to go in them, and then I wrapped them for delivery.

H2O2GO Slings Wrapped

While I was batch sewing I decided to make my best friend and her husband a couple of slings for Christmas. They live in DC and do a lot of walking, so I thought they could be useful. (34)

Pauline and Remi's Slings

ACDC Sling

ACDC Sling Interior

Rainbow Cat Sling

Rainbow Cat Sling Interior

Then, since I apparently hadn’t made enough of these, I decided to make one for my niece in Colorado. (35)

Stargazing Sling 12 2022

Stargazing Sling2

She’s the one who designed my logo for me.

Stargazing Sling Zipper

The rainbow zipper worked great with this fabric. And, of course, I had to include cats.

Stargazing Sling Interior

That makes 35 H2O 2GO water slings. But wait! There’s more… I made a New England Patriots themed sling for Jay, but I haven’t taken a picture of it. That brings the total up to 36.

You would think after making that many I have perfected the pattern. NOPE. I’m still not happy with how mine turn out. Oh well. I think it’s time to move on to a different pattern. Maybe.

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