Hat and Backpack Gifting

The past several weeks have been very busy. I actually looked up while I was at work and realized it was 6pm. Whoops! Needless to say, I haven’t taken the time to update the blog. Instead I worked on a few sewing projects while Jay brought MORE work home.

My best friend’s little girl turned 2 and goes to daycare, so I decided she needed a little backpack. After all, who doesn’t like a cute backpack? I looked around and decided on the Lindsport Mini Backpack.

Indah's Backpack

Please be gentle because this was the first backpack I’ve ever made. It was a little rough going around some of those curves.

Indah's Backpack Side

Gary wanted to model it for me. He did a good job.

It has double zipper pulls on the main pocket. Inside I made a simple slip pocket.

Backpack Inside

Are you wondering what you can fit into this backpack?

Backpack Size

I was able to fit a composition notebook in it without any problems.

But that’s not all. There’s a front zippered pocket on this, too.

Indah's Backpack Back

This is the second bag I’ve made with a front zippered pocket where the pocket did NOT end up across the room in a fit of anger!

Also, this pocket has an adorable cat zipper pull.

Backpack Zipper Pull

Not the best picture, I know. You will have to take my word for it that it’s adorable.

This pocket also has a slip pocket, but this one is divided into two sections.

Backpack Front Pocket

But wait! That’s not all! When you purchase this backpack pattern you get two zippered pockets, plus we’ll throw another one in for free!

Backpack Back Pocket

Yes, that’s a Darth Vader zipper pull.

If you’re wondering, I used waterproof canvas for most of the exterior, but the celestial fabric is quilting cotton. I only used SF101 for interfacing the cotton. Oh, and the pink parts are quilt cotton, too.

The next gift I made was a little bucket hat.

Indah's Bucket Hat

I told Gary it was too big for his head, but he insisted on modeling it.

I used a white cotton denim for the exterior and quilting cotton for the interior.

Indah's Hat Inside

I used a stiffer interfacing for the brim (not sure what number because I had it sitting around without the paper). This turned out really cute. It was fairly easy to make, except I didn’t read the pattern all the way through so I didn’t realize that I would have to hand sew the interior cap to the brim.

Indah's Dixie Cup

I think what I’m going to try next time I make this is to make the interior just like the exterior, attach it at the brim, and do the top stitching at the end. I think that will be much quicker and easier for me. It turned out cute, regardless. I’m sorry that I didn’t link the pattern, but I can’t recall where I found it and I don’t have the pattern handy.

The gifts were almost two weeks late, but they were well received. She absolutely loved them. At least, that’s what I was told. 😉

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