Small Wooden Wall Hangers

Hey guys! I was trying to give Jay some time to take pictures of the things he’s making, but the only thing he has remembered to take progress pictures of were the small wooden wall hangers he made for his mom. She showed him a picture (which was drawn a LOT better than mine):

Heart Hanger 1

She told him the approximate size she wanted and what she was going to hang off them. They are just going to hold light fabric banners, so he decided he could use some 1/4″ birch plywood. Have you tried finding any of that lately? Good luck! He managed to find enough scrap pieces in his shop to make the quantity that she requested.

Then he drew it up in SketchUp because he was going to use the CNC router to cut them out.

Heart Hanger 2

Due to the limited material he had on hand, he had his mom proof the design before he started cutting. It got the go-ahead.

Heart Hanger 3

I think the large CNC router is having some kind of wiring issues, so he fired up the small CNC router.

Heart Hanger 4

It worked quite nicely.

Heart Hanger 5

After the router was done he just had to cut the tabs holding the hangers onto the larger piece of plywood. This is easy enough to do with a scalpel.

Heart Hanger 6

Easy peasy.

Heart Hanger 7

When he was done he had a decent little stack.

Heart Hanger 8

His mom is going to finish these herself, so once he was done they were delivered. No sanding and no finishing work for me. I was perfectly fine with that because next week you’ll see what I was working on for the last month.

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