A Guy Walks Into A Bar…

Or maybe a guy works at a bar. No, that’s not right. Hmmm. Let’s start looking at pictures and maybe I can work out the right saying.

Work Bar 1

Jay used to be a bit irritated if I brought work home, but look what he’s doing! This particular project is to help the guys set a casting on the table correctly.

It all started with some angles and a drill.

Work Bar 2

What do you get when you drill six holes into two pieces of metal?

A lot of metal shavings. I’m serious. You should see the floor…

Work Bar 3

Hey! There’s the bar I was discussing earlier in this post. I guess that a guy walked in with a bar and drilled a hole at one end.

Work Bar 4

Then he made his own pin. Not a broach like what your Aunt Esther would wear, but a pin. With a nubbin.

Work Bar 5

You put the pin in the bar and you turn it all about… you put the pin in the bar and you let it all hang out.

Work Bar 6

And finally, the “How NOT to Mount” your new bar picture. Nowadays you have to put these kinds of warnings in the instructions because you know that somebody will try it and hurt themselves.

Like I said, this bar is going to be mounted to a table where the heavy castings are placed, then the bar pivots and gives the guy a little more leverage to push it into place so that it can be de-sprued.

That’s it. Nothing fancy. Have a good day!

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