More H2O 2GO Slings!

You might remember that a few months ago I made Jay’s mom a H2O 2GO sling for her birthday.

Addie Modeling Sling

She uses it a lot and loves it.

This year our church is asking parishioners to donate hand crafted items to be sold at our summer festival. I thought that I would make a couple of these and donate them to the craft sale. The problem was that I couldn’t stop myself. I’ve cut out enough pieces to make four slings for church, plus one for my sister’s birthday.

H2O 2GO 1

Prepping and cutting out the pieces is not fun, but it has to be done.

H2O 2GO 2

I’ve laid the zippers with the material so that you can see what I’ve chosen. The Seinfeld sling will have a kitten zipper pull because it’s for my sister.

H2O 2GO 3

You can’t really tell, but the Steelers’ sling has a little football zipper pull.

I knew that I wanted to use floral material and then I decided that I had to add a little extra bling. I told Karen that I bought some fun zippers for the slings. “What do you mean by ‘fun’ zippers?” she asked.

Fun Zippers

Metallic rainbow ones! I thought that the little rose gold butterflies would look good, too.

But did I stop there? No. As I was starting to get the pieces together I decided that while I was making a bunch of these I was going to make one for myself, too. So I did.

My H2O 2GO sling

Isn’t it adorable??!!

Cat Water Sling

Nobody can be grumpy with those little kitten faces looking at you. Awww!

Cat Water Sling Zipper

I also used a fun zipper with a kitten pull (the kitten is holding a ball of yarn… how perfect!).

And what is on the inside of the pocket?

Cat Water Sling Interior Pocket

More Kittens!!!! 😀

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