Cat Purses!!

Be honest… who hasn’t wanted a purse with cats on it?? Well, I made a couple.

On A Break Crossbody Bag

On A Break Crossbody bag by Sincerely Jen Patterns

This is the pattern that I used to make my own purse last year. I really like this purse. It’s about the right size for everything I need to carry, plus it can hold my 32oz water bottle when I don’t have enough hands.

On A Break Crossbody Gray Interior

I didn’t want to use loud fabric for the lining on the gray purse. I thought the paw prints would be nice.

The purple purse with the rainbow of cats, though, needed the extra noise.

On A Break Crossbody Bag interior

This purse has an interior zipper pocket, and exterior slip pocket and the main accent pocket on the front (which includes a zippered pocket in the flap).

On A Break Crossbody Bag Exterior Pocket

The only modification I’ve made to this pattern is to widen the gussett panel by 1″.

I also made two more purses.

Artemis Shoulder Bag

Artemis Shoulder Bag by Toriska

I wanted a bag that would really show off the accent fabric. I also thought that some people might want more of a larger bucket-type of purse versus the compact crossbody style.

This purse has a zipper pocket on one side and a slip pocket on the other.

Artemis Shoulder Bag Exterior

Not to mention the exterior gussett pockets. I’m not sure what you would use them for, but you can leave them off if you don’t like them.

Artemis Shoulder Bag Top

The interior has a zipper pocket, too.

Artemis Shoulder Bag Interior

The only modification I made to this bag was to the strap. I made it 60″ long so that you could either keep it shorter for a shoulder bag, or make it longer for a crossbody bag.

Artemis Shoulder Bag Shoulder

Artemis Shoulder Bag Crossbody

If you’re wondering, I used waterproof canvas from Fabric Wholesale Direct. I bought the quilt cotton with the cats on it from JoAnn Fabrics and

And I can’t forget the beautiful zipper pulls!

Cat Zipper Pull

I know, it’s fuzzy. It’s a cat with a rose on it’s back. I bought them at Check them out!

I had a little difficulty with the Artemis Shoulder bag, but there are tutorial videos out there so if you get stuck you can watch the video to figure out what you’re doing wrong. I had to watch it a few times. I would definitely make this bag again.

I gave these to the cat shelter where I volunteer so that they could sell them at the craft show they had this previous weekend. I was asked why I didn’t sell them myself, but I just don’t have the time to sew up enough inventory to stock a booth/table. I wouldn’t mind doing custom orders as long as there wasn’t a hard-and-fast deadline.

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