More Crossbody Purses

When I haven’t been making H2O 2GO slings, I’ve been making purses. I have three to show you that are made using the On a Break Crossbody pattern by Sincerely Jen. Until recently, this was the purse that I carried every day. I made one change to the pattern that I use; I added 1″ to the gussett to make it a bit wider. I think it’s the perfect size.

I apologize for the following pictures. I apparently didn’t have the right filter on my camera and didn’t notice until I’d already given the purse away.

Cat Crossbody Purse

This is a hot pink purse. Cat-themed, of course. I used rose gold hardware to bling it up a bit.

Cat Crossbody Zipper Pull

I like this zipper pull. I purchase them from

I used rainbow cats for the lining.

Cat Crossbody Interior

And what do rainbow cats leave behind?

Rainbow footprints, of course!

Cat Crossbody Accent Fabric

This was one of the first purses that I could sew on my new bag tag.

Cat Crossbody Back

Another purse I was asked to make was a sailing-themed purse. That’s all I was given. That, and the recipient’s favorite color is green.

Sailing Crossbody Bag

I think this one turned out pretty nice. I purchased the anchor zipper pull from My Handmade Space.

It was actually a challenge to find sailing-themed fabric that would go with dark green. I think I did an okay job, though.

Sailing Crossbody Interior

I just used a simple white zipper pull for the inside pocket, but the top zipper pull was another anchor.

Sailing Crossbody Back

The last purse that I want to show you was made for a very good friend. She’d been having a rough time of things so when I found some Star Wars themed hardware, I knew I had to make her a purse.

Star Wars Strap Connector

If I’d had the fabric that you can see in the background of the above picture, I would have used it for the front pocket. However, this purse was made before I came across the stained glass-looking fabric.

Star Wars Crossbody Bag

Obviously, I had to use a Millenium Falcon zipper pull.

Then I had a bit of an accident and needed to fix it, so I added a piece of velcro and included a package of patches that can be switched out as the desire strikes.

Star Wars Patch

The inside zipper screamed for an At-At, so I added it (even though I know it’s on the dark side of things). But they are so cute!

Star Wars Interior Zipper Pull

That inspired me a bit, though. After all, you can’t have good without the bad, so in the pocket I hid an evil army.

Star Wars Purse Interior Pocket

I have also made a backpack and another Sincerely Jen pattern. I also have a child’s backpack in process of being sewn, plus I have two more bags cut out. Oh, and I have another bag in the lineup, but I haven’t printed out the pattern yet or cut it out. Soon, though, that will happen.

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