Wooden Holders

It’s been two weeks since I posted anything. Somebody whined that I was posting too much of my crochet stuff, so I had to find time to work on non-crochet stuff. It wasn’t easy. In the last woodworking post I gave you a teaser for the next project Jay was making.

Brad's TV Beginning

Not much of a hint, is it? Okay, what if I show you this:

Brad's TV Center 8-10-20

Does that help?

The title of the post is ‘Wooden Holders’ because the main function of the projects I will be sharing is to hold stuff. This particular project holds electronic devices that hook up to your TV. Some people might call it a floating entertainment center. Or you can call it the ‘electronic device holder for your TV’. Your choice.

Not only did Jay make the entertainment center, but he also made two shelves to accessorize it on the same wall.

Brad's TV Shelves 8-10-20

They are assemble-yourself shelves.

Or maybe not. The guy who Jay was making this for probably wouldn’t have been able to figure it out. After all, he is a Buffalo Bills fan…

These pieces all ended up on my finishing table.

Unfinished TV Shelves 8-16-20

Unstained TV Center 8-16-20

My finishing table is actually an old conference room table that Jay’s work was going to throw away. Jay had a coworker bring it home for him and then he built the support base to my specified height. That was last year. This year he finally installed a shelf on the bottom for me.

Finishing Bench Shelf

I love this table. It’s big enough to hold all the pieces of the floating entertainment center and still leave me room for an At-At. Although, it looks like he might have been hit by the plague…

Dead At-At

Poor At-At!

While Jay was resuscitating him I had to stain the wood pieces occupying my table.

Stained TV Pieces 8-16-20

We didn’t fill in the holes left by the screws to assemble the pieces because Jay said that the guy didn’t want them filled in. Also, Jay was pretty sure that they would blend in with the stain color that was chosen. It’s called ‘Honey’.

Stained TV Center 8-16-20

I used up all the stain that I had in this color. I was glad I didn’t need to do any touching up on it. Then came the poly. I don’t use any oil based finishes because, to be completely truthful, I’m scared of them. I know my water-based poly so that’s what I used. I had a devil of a time getting it smooth, though. After what felt like five zillion layers of gloss finish it was finally done!

Brad's TV Center Finished

It’s not the best picture, but I almost forgot to take any pictures of the completed pieces. Jay was getting ready to deliver it when I snapped a couple.

Bob helped.

Brad's TV Center Reflection

Look at the reflection on the front of it! You can see Bob’s paw. That should be very easy to dust!

Newsflash! This just in…. We have had a sighting of the TV Center in its natural habitat. Let’s take a look at the image that was captured:

Brad's TV Center Installed

It is unknown at this time if the television program and toys are to entertain the Bills’ fan or if there are legitimately children in this household at this point in time.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post…

Once my bench was clear I quickly found something else to put on it.

Coffee Pod Holder Side

This is actually for my office at work. In the year that I’ve worked there I’ve watched the other people in the office dig around in a big box for their coffee pods (kept in the credenza with the office supplies) and then pile some of them on top so they wouldn’t have to keep digging. They also have two coffee cups on the credenza in case we have visitors or somebody forgot their cup at home. I’m tired of looking at this mess so I drew up a design and Jay executed it.

Coffee Pod Holder Front

Jay glued together scraps and then used them for the coffee pod holder. I used a golden oak colored stain because the credenza top is almost the color of my finishing table. I thought they would go together nicely.

Coffee Pod Holder Finished

Here it is finished. Doesn’t it look nice?

I put some shelf liner in there for the cups to sit on.

Coffee Pod Holder Opened

The top is hinged so that you can put the pods on the top. I glued on some felt so that the top wouldn’t bang and make noise all the time.

On the inside is a removable bottom.

Coffee Pod Holder Inside

It’s removable because I somehow didn’t clearly communicate to Jay that there needed to be a bottom to it. When he thought he was done you opened up the top and looked right down at the coffee cups that would be sitting there. He wondered what the purpose was, but he was going by my drawing so he didn’t ask questions. I told him he was good enough to be able to add a bottom to it. He was.

Coffee Pod Holder 9-1-20

Hopefully the coffee drinkers in my office like it.

The last holder that I have to show you didn’t need to be finished. As in stained or painted. Jay finished constructing it, but the only thing I had to do was put it in place.

Utility Shelf Finished

Isn’t that nice? We have a bunch of OSB left over from the Lean-To so Jay used that to make a new utility shelf for me. It even has wheels. I’ll show you why.

This was my old utility shelf:

Old Utility Shelf

The majority of my painting tools reside on this shelf. It worked great as long as you didn’t move it. However, twice a year I have to move it so that I can change the filter on the furnace. When the furnace was originally installed we were told we only had to change the filter once a year. I like to do it twice… once before winter and once before summer. And yes, you read that correctly I am the one who changes the filter.

To put it mildly, this shelf is a piece of junk.

Misshapened Utility Shelf

It only has about four bolts holding it together so it moves and sways like a rag-time dancer when you just blow on it. I must admit that one time when I was trying to move this shelf to get at the furnace filter I lost my temper and something went flying across the basement. It wasn’t the shelf because it wouldn’t stay in one piece long enough to get off the ground.

But now I have a shelf on wheels!

New Utility Shelf

When it’s time to change the filter all I’ll have to do is just wheel it out of the way. No more cursing or throwing things. I can’t wait!

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Drooling Over Crocheted Throws

If you’ve followed my blog for a little bit then you know that I crochet blankets for Project Linus. I try to make quite a few of these every year so typically I don’t get too excited over crochet patterns for blankets, afghans or throws. Then I subscribed to the Special Issues put out by Crochet! Magazine and received this in the mail last week:

Crochet! Autumn 2020 Madala-Style Throws

(Please excuse my pictures. It’s been a long day and I’m looking forward to getting together with my bed in a little bit.)

To complete the picture, I’m also not a big fan of mandalas. Or round blankets. Do you remember when I attempted the Cathedral Rose Window Afghan?

Cathedral Rose Window Afghan 2-18-20

(This afghan is also in this issue)

Needless to say, when I sat down to thumb threw this issue I figured I would take a quick look and then put it off to the side. WRONG. There are a couple of patterns in here that I’m itching to try. In fact, I already have one on my WILL BE CROCHETED list. I won’t show you a picture of that one because I’m pretty sure the recipient looks at my blog now and again. Anyway, the first one I came across was the Celtic Mandala Throw by Bonnie Barker.

Celtic Mandala Throw

My picture really does NOT do this afghan justice. It is rated at a #4 Intermediate level and calls for #4 worsted yarn. According to the pattern it is 47″ square when finished. Looking at this I really want to see if I can actually learn all of those stitches. Is it as complicated as it looks? If I were to make this I would give it to my sister as she LOVES Celtic items.

The next throw that caught my eye is the Six-Pointed Star Afghan by Sandra Jean Smith.

Six-Pointed Star Afghan

This one is listed as a #5 Moderately Challenging piece and calls for #4 worsted yarn. The final size is 69″ in diameter. Usually I feel that the gray/white/black scheme is a bit too contemporary for me, but it really intrigues me in this rippled afghan. It reminds me of the Big Dream Panel by Hoffman that the quilters love to use.


This panel comes in all different shades and colors, so I might actually use one of them to find a different color scheme for this crocheted afghan.

The next afghan I’ve been eyeing is the Alegria Afghan by Priscilla Hewitt.

Alegria Afghan

I’m not a fan of the color, but the design is interesting. This pattern is listed as a #4 Intermediate and calls for #4 worsted yarn. It is 58″ in diameter and they used a self-striping yarn so that they weren’t constantly changing colors. It calls for 15 skeins of yarn, the 5oz Red Heart Super Saver Stripes. That seems like a LOT of yarn, but there are a LOT of post stitches and they usually eat up a lot of yarn.

The last one I was interested in is called Honey Bunch Blanket by Priscilla Hewitt.

Honey Bunch Blanket

It’s the many different textures that intrigues me about this blanket. It is considered to be a #4 Intermediate and calls for #4 yarn. Except, this is a baby blanket so it’s only 36″ across… and uses 7 balls of 3.5oz yarn! Maybe that’s not a lot, but to me it seems like a lot. To be fair, the amount of texture requires a lot of yarn, but holy smokes… it’s only 36″ cross?? It’s beautiful, but I think this will be at the very bottom of my list.

There are a lot more throws in this issue, but I will let you click on the links I provided to go look at the rest of them.

I haven’t just been drooling over patterns, though. It took me a month, but I finally got all of my mill ends spun into balls!

I opened up all of the bags and sorted out the colors so that I could match the yarns.

Ice Yarns Mill Ends

I would then wind them onto my swift, knotting the ends together, and wound them into cakes. This way when I have a project the yarn is ready to go and I don’t have to procrastinate even more with the task of winding the yarn together. Also, it makes it easier to see what colors I have. The mill ends up above wound up into this ball:

Ice Yarns Mill Ends Balled

It reminds me of sorbet. lol

I have done some actual crocheting, but I don’t have any pictures to share. Maybe next time. 🙂

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Wooden Finishes!

A recent picture of me:

Cat Door Stopper 8-10-20

Okay, so it’s not ACTUALLY me, but that’s exactly how my head has been feeling lately. When you’re allergic to every thing and have sinus issues it can slow down progress on your projects. My To Do list is 10 miles long, but when my head feels like it’s in a vise I can’t do anything. But, despite that I’ve been able to get a few things done!

When we last visited you had seen the Cat Food cubby on my work bench.

Cat Food Cubby Oops

This should have been finished a lot sooner because all I had to do was paint it. That’s it! I should have had it done within a weekend. Instead, it took me several weeks.

Cat Food Cubby Finished 8-2-20

But it’s done. Yea!  Doesn’t it make that area look so much nicer?


Cat Food Area


Cat Food Cubby Finished Side

(Yes, Bob is spoiled)

Bob In Bed 05 2017

The next project that I was able to complete (thanks to a furlough day) was the Bird Food cubby. Jay was finished with the construction, but I needed to actually finish it.

Bird Food Cubby Finishing 7-31-20

This will sit next to my grandma’s dresser in the living room, so I used the same dark mahogany stain so that they will look like the go together. Maybe.

Bird Food Cubby Finished 8-9-20

Didn’t that turn out nice?! I’m so happy that not only does all of the seed fit in there, but it looks gorgeous. Jay did an excellent job!


Bird Food Area

Now I have an extra piano bench in my living room. I want to turn it into a cat tent/cat bed, but we’ll have to see. I’m still working on the cat couch..

Cat Couch 6-30-20

In the near future we will also be deconstructing another piano.

Piano Deconstruction Crew

It’s the one that Jay’s mom gave me because it was in much nicer shape than the one that I had. However, now that I have the baby grand I don’t touch the spinet. I’ve tried giving it away, but nobody wants a piano. The only thing left to do is tear it apart and use the pieces for other projects.

The third project I’ve had in progress is my At-At Bird Feeder.

At-At Bird Feeder 7-21-20

After the base coat, Jay gave him some knees.

At-At Bird Feeder 7-31-20

Then I painted the first coat of gray.

At-At Bird Feeder 1st Coat of Gray

Since this is going to hold a seed block I needed holes drilled in the belly so that water can drain out and won’t collect in it.

At-At Bird Feeder Belly

I also needed a tray to set the seed block on so that the birds can get to it.

At-At Bird Feeder Shelf

This is currently sitting on my bench waiting to be poly’d. I’m going to poly it so that the wood has a bit of protection. Jay has extra screen material so once I’m done he can tappity-tap-tap it together. I also have to finish painting the At-At. And I also have one other accessory in the works for it, too. That will be a surprise, though.

Finally, let me show you a teaser of what Jay is currently working on:

Brad's TV Beginning

Can you guess what it is??

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Machining a Support – Take 2

I haven’t posted in a while because we’ve been taking little steps on many projects, but not enough to really add up to a post. Also, I’ve been winding a LOT of yarn. I have wound over half of the mill ends I bought into balls.

In the meantime, Jay mentioned that he had taken some pictures of the CNC spindle support that he’s machining. Do you remember when he was supposedly machining a spindle support and it turned out that he made a completely new CNC router setup?

MachinedCNC 2-24

I was a bit skeptical when he claimed to be building the support for his first CNC router. He crossed his heart and hoped to die, stick a needle in his eye. He also held up his hands so that I could see that he wasn’t crossing his fingers behind his back.

Since I like to encourage Jay to take pictures of his projects (it’s one less thing for me to try to remember) I’m going to go ahead and post them. I can’t promise that I know what’s going on in every picture, but he took them so I’m including them here. Jay told me that these are out of order, but I’m taking them off of the camera in the order that they appear. How can the camera get them out of order?

Picture #1

2nd Spindle 1

It appears that he has placed two pieces of aluminum together and is cutting out the arcs at one time.

Picture #2

2nd Spindle 2


Now with holes!

Picture #3

2nd Spindle 3

What the Al-u-min-ium pieces are destined to become.

Picture #4

2nd Spindle 4

The finished hole from Picture #1.

Picture #5

2nd Spindle 5

An arc walks into a Nifold Bar and asks, “Where’d that come from??! Ouch!”

Picture #6

2nd Spindle 6

We are going to remove a LOT of material all at once on this hobby-grade mill. Let’s hope the hamsters don’t give out!

Picture #7

2nd Spindle 7

“I’m sorry, but it came back positive…”

Or else these are earrings for the Bride of Frankenstein.

Picture #8

2nd Spindle 8

That looks like a very heavy drink holder.

Picture #9

2nd Spindle 9

Unfortunately the shark carcass has been removed.

Picture #10

2nd Spindle 10

No longer will there be a shark with a frickin’ laser on its head!

Picture #11

2nd Spindle 11

“Sit down and take a load off!”

“No, thank you. I’ll just add a few holes and be on my way.”

(Jay added the holes on the side to reduce weight)

Well, I hope this blog post was as informative for you as it was for me. I like it when we can learn new things together!


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Vacation Crocheting

I took vacation time off of work last week. While Jay was in his workshop, I was crocheting and watching The Good Place on Netflix (for the 9,456,778th time).

My big project was a lapghan to use at work. I sit right by a window and freeze in the winter. I decided to use the same pattern that I had used for a Project Linus blanket not too long ago.

My Misty Morning Lapghan 7-19-20

I modified the pattern just a little bit, though. I added a little more width to it. I wanted to make sure it would wrap around my legs when I’m sitting at my desk. This pattern is from an Annie’s publication.

LapThrows for the Family

This is called the Misty Morning afghan.

Since it’s for the office I decided to use basic black.

My Misty Morning Lapghan Detail

(which shows off every stray cat hair, of course)

Glitter makes everything better, though, so I used Hobby Lobby’s Metallic Black I Love This Yarn!

That looks like a lot of crocheting for one week, right? Well, there’s more.

It’s somewhat difficult to crochet with black yarn at night. Especially when your necklight is dead and needs to be recharged (but you keep forgetting). So I would switch over to hats. I managed to make three more while I was on “vacation”.

Crocheted Hats #18-20

These are hats #18, 19 and 20. This yarn is some of the mill ends that I received in my last Ice Yarns order.

I tied the pieces together and then wound them up into these cute little balls. There were quite a few more of the rusty colored yarn than the yellow-gray-white yarn. I probably have enough of the rusty yarn left to make two more hats.

Crocheted Hat Ice Yarns

The other day I had to run to Hobby Lobby. So I picked up some more yarn (it was on sale!) and made three more hats.

Crocheted Hats #21-23

Hats # 21, 22 and 23. I can get almost two hats out of one skein of Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn. I ended up using just a plain black to finish off the brims. I think it adds a nice little accent. No, I have not woven in the ends on these hats. They are in the pile waiting for that to happen.

The first three are Ice Yarns Magic Light yarn (mill ends), which are a #3 so they are a bit lighter and airy.

Crocheted Hat #18

Crocheted Hat #19 & 20

(I used a solid white #4 for the brim on the second hat because I was almost out of this yarn).

The rest of these were made with Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn (size #4).

Crocheted Hats #21 & 22

Crocheted Hat #23

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Vacation Woodworking

In the summer we usually head to my sister’s for vacation. However, due to the current plague, Jay’s work was being less than cooperative so he still took vacation… at home. Don’t even get me started….

The good thing about the time off was that it allowed him to get some projects completed and others started.

Remember the TV center he was working on?

Workshop TV Center Drawing

That was completed, though it has not been finished.

Workshop TV Center Done

He bought some luan for the back of my bird feed cubby and then disassembled it so that I can more easily finish it.

Bird Food Cubby Pieces 7-21-20

That is waiting in line behind two other projects that are on my bench.

First up is the Cat Food cubby.

Cat Food Cubby 7-21-20

All I needed was a second coat of paint. And now I have to flip it over and paint what is the bottom in this picture. Oh, and fix the oops…

Cat Food Cubby Oops

This is why I shouldn’t be allowed to hold a paint brush in my hand. I make such a mess! You see, I was painting the second project on my bench when I somehow managed to bump my brush into this cubby. I have at least a span of 12″ in between the two projects, but I think I could have 12′ between them and I would still get paint on the cat food cubby.

The second project on my bench:

At-At Bird Feeder 7-21-20

This is the At-At that Jay made a few years ago. It looked like this:


It was painted gray, but badly needed a second coat. I’ve decided that I’m going to have Jay drill a few holes in its belly and build a bit of a platform for the inside. Then I’m going to set it out with my other bird feeders. I wanted to make sure it’s protected, though, so I used the only exterior paint that I could find as my base coat. I’ll then paint it with acrylics and seal it for some extra protection.

I haven’t made much progress on my part of the finishing because I was crocheting during my vacation (to be posted at a later date).

Oh, in order to make room for everything else I finished the shelf I had on my work bench and Jay installed it in my sewing room.

Sewing Room Shelf 7-21-20

It’s next to the TV because originally I was going to place the DVD player on it, but the shelf is too shallow. Instead I’ll place miscellaneous knick-knacks and my rotary cutters on it. Penny is still standing on my cutting table.

One of the other projects Jay worked on was a trivet that he cut a design into using his CNC Router. There was an article in the September 2020 Wood Magazine with these trivets in it and he wanted to try it. They are two-sided with two different designs. They are actually kind of neat.

Side 1:

CNC Trivet 1.1

Side 2:

CNC Trivet 1.2

I think these might make nice Christmas gifts. I’ll just have to give Jay a list of what design should go on what side. I figure initials and easy-to-draw designs would look really nice.

That’s about all that is happening in the shop right now. Since we were unable to go on vacation, why don’t you join me at our pool…

Bird Bath 7-21-20

Just remember… No diving!

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Completed Crochet Projects

A lot of people won’t crochet in the summer because they claim it’s too hot. I think that I naturally gravitate to crochet because in the past if I wanted to sew I had to do so in the sauna (my upstairs). It also helps that I do all of my crocheting in our family room, which happens to be the coldest room in the house when the A.C. is running.

Adjustable Tray in Place

(Wow, that stand is NOT that neat any more… lol)

After working on a lot of baby items I decided that I wanted to make something for myself. Also, I’d had some yarn sitting around for a year that I had specifically reserved for a project. After a lot of searching and considering I decided on the Delta Lace Topper by Karen Whooley. It was in a special issue put out by Crochet! Magazine in October 2019. I just did a quick search, but couldn’t find the pattern online.

Crocheted Poncho 2020

Addie is modeling it for me. It’s a very open-weave poncho. The picture in the magazine shows a MUCH more open weave, but the only way I can figure they were able to do that is by blocking it. You were only suppose to do something like 25 rounds before doing the border, but I ended up doing almost twice that much. I’m not going to block it after I wash it every time and I wanted to make sure it would be long enough if I were to take it out of the dryer and put it on.

Crocheted Poncho 2 2020

I still have to weave in the ends. The points on this poncho are worn at your sides so I’m holding it out to show you the width of the one side. I also did a different collar. The pattern has you do almost a cowl-like collar that you then sew onto the body. I did not want that much bulk around my neck so instead I did a simple edge that ends with a reverse single crochet stitch. I like it. This will be great for the transition time between summer and fall when the mornings are a bit crisp, but the afternoons are too warm to wear a full sweater.

Even though I said I was done making baby things, I did make some wash cloths for the baby who is due to arrive in a little over a month.

Baby Washcloths 7-10-20

Just a head’s up… I haven’t woven in any of my ends on any of these projects. So ignore the dangling bits.

I used the Premier Cotton Faire that I discussed in my Ice Yarns haul post. I like this yarn. It’s easy to work with and is very soft. I think that I’ll end up purchasing the Alara from Ice Yarns, though, in the future. One ball of this yarn made nine wash cloths.

Wash Cloths 7-10-20

The pattern is a purchased pattern on Creative Grandma‘s website.

Finally, I have a couple of hats to show you.

Crocheted Hats #16 & 17

These are #16 and 17.

They are a little bigger and a bit slouchier. I had made quite a few of the beanie-style and thought that some guys might not like to wear something so fitted. I know that Jay wouldn’t like the beanie hats.

Crocheted Hat 16

The camera washed this out a bit and I tried to adjust it in Photshop, but the color in real life is actually much closer to the first picture I showed. You can kind of see how this one mushrooms a bit. It will definitely give that slouchy look that some guys like. I used the Lionbrand Z-Twist yarn held double.

Crocheted Hat 17

This hat is quite slouchy, too. I used the Rainbow yarn from Ice Yarns and loved how it worked up. This yarn is definitely way more consistent than the Red Heart Unforgettable (which I will never use again if I can ever help it).

I am working on another hat using some of the yarn from the Mixed Lot bags that I bought from Ice Yarns in my last haul. I can’t wait to show you that one when it’s done.

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Staying Cool in the Workshop

It’s been very warm. I usually don’t like to run our A.C., but I think I’ve had it on for the last week. Over the next few days the temps are suppose to hover in the 90’s area. That’s fine with Jay because he’s been spending a lot of time in the basement workshop.

Jay Planing

Here’s some fun trivia.. As I write this post he is in the basement wearing a sweatshirt to stay comfortable; I am in the very top of our house wearing next-to-nothing in order to stay comfortable (it’s a DIY sauna up here…).

Jay hasn’t been hanging out down there just to stay cool. He has also been making a lot of progress on the various projects.

He handed the Cat Food cubby off to me, so I’m in the process of painting it.

Cat Food Cubby 7-6-20

The bird food cubby is mostly assembled and has been placed in the library to get it out of his way.

Bird Food Cubby 7-6-20

I guess technically it’s at the finishing stage, but I just don’t have the time to work on it right now. I’ve got sixty other things going on. I do want to show you an up close picture so that you can see what a nice job he did on it.

Bird Food Cubby Routed 7-6-20

He routed the planks and matched them up all the way around. He’s so talented!

He had to get this out of his way so that he can work on the next giant project.

Workshop TV Center Drawing

Here is his drawing in SketchUp. Yes, it’s another organizer of sorts. Let me give you a hint…

Workshop TV Center Area

One of his 30 year old speakers bit the dust. When he replaced it he decided to go for the full surround sound setup. Since he’s put so much money into this stuff he has decided he needs a cabinet for it to sit in where he can kind of control the dust. He knows where everything is going to go on it, but I forgot what he told me. It’s going to be wonderful, though. I’m just happy that it will help protect his investment.

I was told tonight that he has the majority of the upright pieces cut to size.

Workshop TV Center Pieces 7-6-20

He has minimized the scrap from this project, too. Instead of using boards on their side, he cut them to whatever height they needed to be and then glued them side-by-side like this:

Workshop TV Center Board 7-6-20

Kind of smart. There are a lot more pieces that need to be cut, but he has a decent start on them.

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Ice Yarns Haul #3

Looking at my crochet area you would probably suggest to me that I don’t need any more yarn for quite a while.

Yarn Cubbies 5-1-20

After all, I haven’t used up all the yarn from my last Ice Yarns order.

But here’s the problem… my best friend has an adorable baby girl and another good friend is due with a baby at the end of August. I’ve been stashing yarn for boys blankets. Even in my own personal tastes I gravitate more towards the blues, greens and browns. I don’t have a lot of yarn that would be suitable for adorable little girl gifts. I have no idea what those gifts will be, but I would like to have the yarn available so that when I come across a pattern I’m dying to make I can pick up the yarn and get to work. Also, Christmas is coming and I would like to get a head start.

So that I can make completely frivolous outfits like this:

Penny in Baby Dress 5-1-20

I broke down and put in an order with Ice Yarns, got irritated with a certain F-named shipping company (why do I have to sign for YARN??!!), and finally it arrived!

Ice Yarns Haul 6-30-20

I have to admit I was a bit disappointed in the size of the package. Based on my credit card charge I figured I should be getting a pallet delivered that was shrink-wrapped to keep all the boxes on it. That pallet would be carried by a flat bed truck with a ‘Wide Load’ sign.*sigh*

Even though I knew what I’d ordered, it was still exciting to see the first peep of yarn.

Ice Yarns Package 6-30-20

Look at all of those colors! It reminds me of ice cream (don’t ask me why because I don’t know… that’s just what comes to mind).

Are you curious? Do you want to know what I received?

I’ll start with the very colorful bags.

Mixed Lot #2 Magic Light

Ice Yarns refers to these as Mixed Lots. These could be whole skeins of certain yarns that they want to get rid of, batches of custom yarns that they can’t sell normally or, as in this case, the leftovers from runs that weren’t long enough to be wound into full skeins. Some places call these ‘mill ends’. What Ice Yarns does is ties them into hanks and then tosses them into a group and sells it all as one. You don’t get to choose what colors are included. They show you a picture of the lot and what you see is what you get. They make sure that every lot weighs the same so in this case the lots I bought were 2000 g/70.54oz/4.41lbs. The mixed lots can be different yarns or all the same. This one is their Magic Light yarn.

I had used this yarn previously for a Project Linus blanket:

Project Linus Blanket #30 3-25-20 - Carrot

I really enjoyed working with the yarn and loved how the color worked up. The first batch seemed to have a bunch of the orange plus some other pretty colors that I haven’t tried.

Magic Light Mixed Lot

There was another mixed lot that I saw and decided to get, too. This was also Magic Light yarn.

Mixed Lot #1 Magic Light

This one has a lot of yellows and blues in it. My friend who is due in August LOVES Minions, so I figure at the very least if I use those colors for any baby garments she will be okay with it whether the baby is a boy or girl.

Magic Light Hank

To make the hanks easier to use I plan on using a magic knot to tie them together, then I will wind them into manageable balls. That will also help me figure out exactly how much of each color I ended up receiving.

I did a calculation to see if I’d gotten a deal on this yarn. I did not. If you buy a pack of the Magic Light it is currently going for $1.75 per skein. I purchased the weight equivalent of 20 skeins of yarn, so I paid $2.00 per skein (essentially). I did it as a learning experience. I was curious to see how it would be sent to me and just how many different colors I would get. When you buy the full skeins you HAVE to purchase 4 skeins all in the same color (there are 4 skeins per pack and you buy it by the pack). Will I do it again? If there are colors that are no longer dyed, absolutely. Not on a regular basis, though.

Next up:

Ice Yarns Rainbow

Rainbow in both a variegated and solid. I bought this because I knew it was very similar, if not the same as, Red Heart’s Unforgettable. If you remember, I used Unforgettable to make a sweater for my friend and I was NOT impressed. I liked how the yarn felt, but I was unimpressed with the inconsistent width of the yarn. I bought the brown striped color to use for hats and I have to admit that so far I like the Rainbow a LOT better than Unforgettable. Let’s nerd out and do some math, shall we?

Rainbow = 3.53oz/262 yds – $1.99/skein

Unforgettable = 3.5oz/270 yds – $6.19/skein

Let’s say that the sweater I want to make calls for 8 skeins of yarn. Let’s compare pricing…

Rainbow (must be purchased in pkg of 4) = $15.98 for 8, plus $12.95 s/h (2-3 day shipping from Turkey) = $28.93 total, or $3.58/skein. As long as Ice Yarns has the color(s) you want it should be a no-brainer. Plus, if you’re already ordering from Ice Yarns you might as well purchase a little more to justify the cost of shipping. Right? (That’s the excuse I give to Jay when he asks why I bought so much).

For instance, you could add the next yarn to your order:

Ice Yarns Alara

Alara in white. A lot of the cardigans that I want to make call for Premier’s Cotton Faire. For the fun of it, let’s look at a pricing comparison.

Alara = 50g/140m = $.87/ball

Cotton Faire = 100g/290m = $4.99/ball

Most of the patterns I was looking at said that I would need 8 balls of the Cotton Faire. It appears that the Alara is half the size of the Cotton Faire balls, so we’ll have to get twice as much. Thus, I need 16 balls of the Alara.

Alara = (sold in pkg of 8) = $13.98 + $12.98s/h = $26.96 total, or $1.69 per ball. Let’s double that price to compare it to the Cotton Faire = $3.37/100g. Even if all you’re buying is two packages of Alara you’re still saving $1.62 per ball!

I wanted to compare the two yarns and luckily I had purchased some striped Cotton Faire a few weeks ago.

Ice Yarns Alara vs Premier Cotton Faire

I bought the Cotton Faire to make some baby washcloths. I paid $8 (plus shipping) for a package of three balls (all the same color, no mixing-and-matching). At this price the Premier yarn is a bargain, but it’s currently in the Clearance area so if I needed more for a project there’s a chance I won’t be able to get it. Comparing in person, though, these yarns are so similar that I will probably just order the Alara for the sweaters I’m going to eventually make. I did purchase a sweater’s quantity of white in this order.

I promise the rest of this post is simply showing off yarn. There will not be any math.

I mentioned baby gifts, right? With that in mind I purchased some Lorena Worsted:

Ice Yarns Lorena Worsted

And some baby cotton:

Ice Yarns Baby Cotton

All of these yarns are machine washable and dryable. When I make a gift for somebody I don’t want them to worry about how they have to clean it. I am definitely not a yarn snob! Bring on the acrylic!

As I was taking pictures for this post I piled the packages on Jay’s spot. Would you like to see how much of his spot this yarn covers on the couch?

Ice Yarns Unpackaged 6-20-30

Isn’t it exciting! It makes me want to pick them up and squeeze!

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Woodworking Organizers

I have been busy with my various projects, but I noticed that Jay seemed to be in a bit of a lull. He’s been drawing up a lot of things in SketchUp, but the woodworking machines have been quiet. I’ve had a few projects in mind for him so I thought that now would be a good time to sit and sketch them out.

First problem area: Bob’s wet food.

Cat Food Area

Bob is on a canned food-only diet. He is also spoiled, so he gets the Fancy Feast appetizers on a semi-regular basis. Not in place of a can of food, but merely has an appetite topper. However, it takes up a lot of space and I feel that there could be a better way to organize the appetizers and broth. Basically, what I asked for is a cubby to tuck the appetizers in, then I can set the kleenex and broths on top. It will condense them down and not take up as much space. It’s a fairly easy build.

Cat Food Cubby 6-30-20

Jay already has it cut out and glued together. Once the back is glued on it will go over to my area to be finished.

The next project I’ve been thinking about is a cubby for my bird seed stuff. Currently it’s a mess by my front door.

Bird Food Area

The piano bench works, but it’s a little long for the space. Plus, everything is just kind of piled on top. It definitely needs to be organized a bit better. I drew up what I wanted, with dimensions, and Jay has started on that one as well.

Bird Food Cubby Pieces 6-30-20

He’s getting fancy with it and cutting grooves in the sides so that they slide together. Then there’s a v-groove on top where the pieces meet. He has even created a fence for the router table that will allow him to trim off the glue that presses out into the v-grooves to make it easier for the finishing department. He can’t stand the whining that goes on when there appears to be a ton of glue left on the pieces, which have to be cleaned off before the stain is applied.

Router Table Fence

I have a couple of my own projects that I’m working on, or at least SHOULD be working on. Do you remember the cat couch Jay made me?

Cat Couch - 4-15-19

Well, this is how it looks today:

Cat Couch 6-30-20

I really need to get this done! I have to glue pieces of foam to the frame in order to pad it out in the right places. Then I need to upholster it. That’s the part that has me hesitating. I want to do it in such a way that if a cat is scratching on it they won’t hurt themselves on a staple. I have no idea how I’m going to do it, though. I’m not good with that kind of thing. I have a vague idea, but I need to just sit down and do it.

Next up is this:

Microfiber Cloth with Sawdust

This is what happens when you wash a load of microfiber towels, and one of them has been used to wipe sawdust off of a board. Not a big deal, right? Wrong! Those stupid little micro fibers have a death grip on the pieces of sawdust. The bad thing is that half of these cloths I use when I’m washing and waxing our cars. You can’t have pieces of tree in your cloth when you’re doing that! I tried a lint brush, but the wood didn’t budge. I have resigned myself to a pair of tweezers… it’s horrible. I will never do that again!

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