January Woodworking

It may seem like Jay is only machining things right now, but that’s not true.

There are a few wood projects in the works that are keeping him busy.

First up is yet another project for church. This time it’s a little baptismal font thing for the religious education classes.

Holy Water Holder

I’ve only been Catholic for a little over five years, so this is something that is new to me. Apparently you put this by the entry door, place holy water in the glass, and then you can bless yourself as you come and go.

Holy Water Holder Base

The most difficult part of this project was getting the design information. Jay had three different people telling him three different things. Finally he laid down the law and told them that they either agree on a design or he wasn’t doing it. Well, maybe he didn’t quite say it like that, but time is running out because they need these by Ash Wednesday (Feb 26th). We still have to paint them.

Pile of Holy Water Bases

We were told that they need 45 in total. The original number we were given was 70, but luckily that was updated to the 45.

The next project is one that I gave Jay. I love my utilitarian projects and I had yet another request for him. This is my current utensil holder:

Current Utensil Holder

I hate it, but it was the biggest one I could find. I don’t have a utensil drawer like a lot of people, so this is where all of my big utensils live. The biggest pain with this holder is that when you’re trying to shove another spoon or spatula in there something ALWAYS comes poking out through the spaces in the wire. Then it creates a bigger mess because now the sideways spoon is in the way. Not to mention that my cutting boards slip and slide down flat unless the holder is pressed up against them. It’s a big ol’ mess right there.

So I drew up a picture of what I wanted (after taking some measurements) and Jay translated my poorly-drawn diagram into a SketchUp design.

Utensil Holder SketchUp Drawing

Because I don’t have a lot of time to spend on the finishing end of projects I wanted to just slather some butcher block oil on it. Thus I wouldn’t let Jay use plywood for this project. He went and bought some poplar, which should work just fine.

Utensil Holder Pieces

I’m not very picky and really don’t care if my wood grains match in the kitchen (or any other part of the house). He put his own artistic flair on it, too.

Utensil Holder Assembled

Doesn’t that look nice?! The side slot is for my cutting boards.

Utensil Holder

Then I have two big pockets for the utensils. Jay is worried about the utensils flopping all over, but I don’t mind floppy things. Also, I can always have him draw up a grid that will fit down into it with holes for the utensils to poke into, and he can use plywood for that if he wants. I envision this nestled in close to the fridge. We’ll have to see how it looks once I get it done.

Which may not be very soon because look at my work bench:

Workbench 1-18-20

That image is a perfect representation of my summer and fall. Numerous projects haphazardly worked on, and all collected in one area. Some are finished, some are in process, and others are barely started. And just for good measure you should throw a jet in there because you never know when it might be handy.

One other project that Jay has been working on is a stool for his mom. Sunday at church she asked him if he could make her one, so he did. He’s doing the finishing work on this one (because obviously my bench is a bit crowded).

Karen's Stool

This stool isn’t meant to hold a person. It’s going to sit next to her chair and give her coffee a place to rest. He was able to use some of his smaller scrap pieces for it, too.

Speaking of scraps, while I was taking the pictures for this post I noticed a new addition to his area.

Scrap Storage

Very clever!

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2 Responses to January Woodworking

  1. Jamie says:

    You guys are so busy! It’s amazing how well you handle all the things you have in progress! Everything is beautiful. : )

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