Project Linus Blanket #28

Project Linus Blanket #28

Project Linus Blanket #28 1-19-20 Another Red-Gray One

“Another Gray and Red One”

I think I’ve done three of these blankets with this color combination. I’m hoping that I’ve used up the last of the gray-black-red variegated yarn so that I don’t have any more waiting in the wings. That’s what’s so great about having two totes of kitted blankets that were actually kitted months ago… I’ve already forgotten the different color combinations. That means every time I pick a bag out of the tote it’s a complete surprise to me!

Project Linus Blanket #28 Detail

This red is very interesting. It’s hard to really see in this picture, but it has such depth! Unfortunately it’s a Stitch Studio yarn (A.C. Moore brand) so if your local A.C. Moore is already cleaned out you won’t be able to get any more of this color. Unless you’ve stocked up and have numerous skeins of it now in your inventory. Not that I would know anybody who has done that…

ACMoore Yarn Haul 11-27-19

ACMoore Yarn Haul Skeins 11-27-19

Don’t worry. That yarn won’t be sitting around for long. I have started my next blanket so I’ll give you a little teaser…

Project Linus Blanket #29

(If you know your yarn labels you will recognize the white as being a ‘Pound of Stitches’ yarn that is also an A.C. Moore brand).


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