End of January Woodworking

I was told that I don’t have enough woodworking and machining content on my blog. I told the person who was whining that Jay doesn’t take progress pictures so I can only get pictures when I have a moment to go take them myself. So, I took my camera and rounded up a few more pictures for you. Enjoy.

Two weeks ago (I think) I shared the list of projects that I had given to Jay. One of them was a kitchen utensil holder. I didn’t share the picture that I drew for him.

Utensil Holder Drawing

Not only are the backs of envelopes good places for writing the Gettysburg Address, but they also make wonderful drawing areas. I enjoy showing you just how poorly I draw what I want and how great it is that Jay can translate my poorly-drawn item into an actual beautiful thing.

Once it was assembled I used some butcher block oil on it and put some shelf liner inside.

Utensil Holder Lined

Let’s see if it fits by the fridge.

Utensil Holder in place

It really takes up a lot of room, doesn’t it?

That’s fine with me because this space is kind of useless, anyway. Let’s see how the utensils fit in it.

Utensil Holder in Use

That looks SOOOO much better!

Before and After:

I really like it!

Another project that I mentioned in the last woodworking blog was the Holy Water Holders.

Holy Water Holder Base

We had asked the team for feedback on the design, but have not heard a thing. Jay has decided that’s too bad. At this point they are getting whatever we make. Besides, it’s not like they are paying him for them. So I went ahead and started painting them.

Painting Holy Water Holders 2-2-20

They look like a bunch of little boats. lol

I can only paint this little bit at a time, though, because I’m also trying to get my bathroom shelves painted.

Workbench 2-2-20

Not to mention that I still have an A4 sitting on my bench, and a Spad in front of it… despite the fact that they had a house built just for them this past fall.

There is one more project in the works, but I’m not going to tell you what it is. Instead, you have to put yourself in Jay’s shoes and decide what it is that I’ve drawn for him to make. Good luck!

Calendar Holder Drawing

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2 Responses to End of January Woodworking

  1. Jamie says:

    Who ever decided that those stupid little counter sections between appliances (or between sinks and things) were a good idea?! 99% of the time they are completely useless. SO DUMB. I’m glad you’ve at least found a good way to use yours! : )

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