Lean-To Progress!

Remember a long time ago when I said that we were going to finally use this space next to our house?

Beside the house 5-9-19

I said that we were going to build an airplane-storing lean-to in this spot? And remember that Jay had managed to get this far on it:

Floor Frame 5-18-19

And then this happened:

Jay's Broken Foot 5-30-19

So the lean-to never got built over the summer and the room that I want to turn into my sewing room still looks like this:

Pink Room 6-21-19

We have finally started to make some progress! This past weekend Jay found his notes on the lean-to and put together a shopping list. We came home with a bunch of OSB.

Lean-To OSB

Jay cleaned up the area beside the house and removed part of the chain link fence that runs from our house to the neighbor’s portion of fence. Then we threw down some 4×4 posts, leveled them out, and placed the floor frame on them.

Lean-To Floor Straddling 9-7-19

I think this is 65″ wide and very long. Somewhere in the 10-12′ neighborhood. I don’t keep track of the details. I’m just the muscles when needed.

Lean-To Floor 9-7-19

When we eventually move I have no idea how we’re going to get it out, but I guess that’s a worry for another time.

We placed the wall frames on it just to see what it will kind of look like…

Lean-To Framing 9-7-19

You won’t be able to stand upright in it unless you’re very short, but Jay wasn’t allowed to take the roof any higher than the bottom of the window. There’s not going to be much of a slope on the roof, but luckily we don’t get a whole lot of snow on that side of the house.

But we have some progress! It’s so exciting! I’ve got my miniature room out again and am playing with the plastic pieces to try to figure out where I’m going to want things set up. I can’t wait!

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