Warm Embers Cardigan – 9-13-19

It’s amazing that all of this:

IceY Batik Chunky Blk-Gry-Wht 7-16-19

Can turn into this:

WEC Two Sleeves 9-4-19

No, I haven’t finished it yet. I have a few more projects lined up so I will be happy when I CAN say that this is done. Since September is National Sewing Month, this blog post contains some sewing shots.

Please keep in mind that I’ve never crocheted a garment, let alone one that has to be sewn together. Up to this point I’ve mainly done blankets and shawls. This cardigan has been quite the learning experience for me.

In fact, I was so unsure of my abilities that it took me a while to begin to sew the pieces together. When I did, I made sure to have a reference book handy for any questions that I might have along the way. The first step was to sew the front pieces to the back.

WEC Sewn Seam 9-3-19

The pattern said to only sew 7.5″ together. I’m quite happy with my first seam.

WEC Shoulder Seams Sewn 9-3-19

The second seam worked out okay, too. I was nervous about sewing the sleeves on, though. Sleeves are a pain to sew on regular garments so I figured they would be a pain on this garment, too.

WEC Sleeve Seam 9-4-19

That is the outside of my shoulder seam. Not too shabby! My necklight is washing it out a bit, though. I had Jay take an “action” shot so that you could see the setup that I was using to sew this cardigan together.

WEC Seam Sewing 9-3-19

I call this yoga position “Downward Facing Seam Sewing.” I asked Jay if I could tell people that I had my yoga mat out twice in one day, but he says that it only counts if you’re using it to actually do yoga. Using it to cushion your butt and knees doesn’t seem to count. I had to use the floor so that I would have enough room to spread everything out and matched up nicely. You can see my necklight hanging, too. That thing is wonderful! I don’t have any overhead light in that room (Jay doesn’t like a lot of light), so the LEDs around my neck are perfect.

With the sleeves sewn on the next step is to sew up the sides and add the pockets and hood. Here’s hoping that my knees hold out!

WEC Sewn Sleeve 9-4-19

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