Warm Embers Cardigan – Finished

To be fair, this garment has been finished for a while. I just had to find the time (and daylight!) when I could get Jay to take pictures of me modeling it. Unfortunately, I can’t afford a decent model so you will just have to tolerate me in the pictures.

The last time you saw the cardigan I was still in the process of sewing it together.

WEC Sewn Sleeve 9-4-19

I actually finished this before the end of September.

WEC All Sewed Together 9-13-19

The pockets don’t match, but they are sewed on and look okay. Once I had the cardigan at this point I had to do a single crochet border all around the edges.

WEC Finished No Buttons 9-18-19

I worked on this in the morning and was excited to fasten off after the last stitch. While I was at work I was thinking about the edge and how it ruffled like a leaf of lettuce. I thought that maybe the pattern was wrong, and then I suddenly realized that I had placed too many stitches along that one edge. Except, at this point I decided it wasn’t worth pulling out. My sister will just have to deal with a ruffled edge. I sewed some buttons on and called it good enough.

As I’ve stated earlier, this cardigan is meant to be worn and not babied. If it doesn’t look perfect then maybe that will help. Or, if that fails to do it, how about seeing it modeled by this very grumpy-looking model:

WEC Modeled 11-29-19

Please excuse my frumpy-ness. I was in the middle of cleaning the house and wanted to get pictures taken so that I can get it washed and wrapped.

This is super baggy on me so it’s going to be especially big on my sister. I hope she doesn’t mind. The good thing is that it’s very warm. It was quite chilly the day that we took pictures, but I was definitely warm enough.

WEC Hood Modeled 11-29-19

I wanted to show this buttoned up, so of course I quickly buttoned it off-kilter. *sigh* This is why you should always hire a professional model. Also, I’m not really fond of the hood. It will definitely keep the weather off of your head.

WEC Hood Back Modeled 11-29-19

The back looks okay. The hood looks really pointy, though, doesn’t it?

WEC Back Modeled 11-29-19

It definitely looks better with the hood down.

Overall the pattern was decent. It was easy to follow and understand. My biggest issue was due to the yarn that I chose. The next time I might leave the hood off, but then I’ll have to do something with the neck because it looks goofy without the hood. I would give the pattern a 3 out of 5.

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