Finished Woodworking Projects

If you’ve been following my blog then you know that we’ve been working on Holy Water holders.

Holy Water Holder

Jay made 65 of these. And I painted all of them.

This was the first group:

Painting Holy Water Holders 2-2-20

Then the second group:

2nd Batch of Holy Water Holders 2-12-20

I used two coats per side to make sure the coverage was good.

I think they turned out okay.

Holy Water Holder Finished 2-16-20

Nothing fancy, but that’s what you get when your description is vague and nobody can decide what they really want to do.

Then a few weeks ago I asked if you knew what this drawing for Jay was supposed to be:

Calendar Holder Drawing

Do you think you know?

Here’s what it looked like in bare form:

Calendar Holder Side 2-2-20

Any idea at all?

Calendar Holder Fron 2-2-20

I’ll give you another clue. I wanted it for my desk at work.

Calendar Holder Finished 2-12-20

It’s my page-a-day calendar holder! When I tear the pages off I can put them in the bottom to be used as scrap paper. The plastic “stand” on the back was almost worthless. I spent more time trying to get it to actually stand than anything.

Isn’t it cute?

Calendar Holder Side 2-12-20

It doesn’t have to be gorgeous. It just has to be functional. And it works great!

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  1. Jamie says:

    What a great set up!

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