A Wooden Surface

I don’t know what to actually call one of the gifts that Jay made me for Christmas. It’s similar to an adjustable computer tray that you see in living rooms, but yet it’s slightly different. Let me tell you why I wanted this adjustable tray.

This is what my family room looked like on December 24th:

Family Room 12-24-19

It doesn’t get any more real than this! Those weren’t gifts that I had opened. Nope. What you’re seeing there are gifts that still needed to be wrapped. Okay, divert your eyes away from the clutter and focus on the stand that is sitting next to the couch. Do you notice how it and the cushion next to it are covered in crochet paraphernalia?

Jay and I have been married for seven years and we still like each other. When I sit with him in the family room I sit right next to him on the couch. That is my spot where the pillow is sitting, thus all of my crochet stuff has been dumped on the cushion next to me.

When Chester was still around I had to keep that spot open for her because she liked to sit next to me.

chester crochet

I told Jay that I wanted something similar to a computer tray that would sit over the couch cushion, but could be adjusted up or down as needed. I wanted something that I could set my coffee on, keep my scissors handy and hold my pattern. Since I sit in the middle of the couch I don’t have the luxury of a stand. I also didn’t like how much room the stand that I had in front of the couch was taking up.

So Jay started working on it. I knew that it was being made because he needed some input on what I needed it to do and how the design would work.

Adjustable Tray

He used some scrap boards that he had on hand, so they have screw holes in them. I don’t care, though. As long as it does what I need it to, it doesn’t have to be pristine. After all, it’s going to be covered up most of the time.

When I got home from Christmas Eve mass I had a hard time guessing what one of my gifts was that had been placed by the tree.

Adjustable Tray Wrapped 12-24-19

I was very excited to get it placed in the family room.

Adjustable Tray in Place

Doesn’t that look so nice??

He made it adjustable and 3D printed the knobs for the legs.

Adjustable Tray Hardware

The legs can telescope, they can tilt at the bottom and the tray itself can be adjusted to different angles. Jay even contoured the support brackets to snuggle up a little better to the couch. I guess that if we ever buy a new couch I’ll have to take this with us to make sure it will fit.

Adjustable Tray in Profile

It looks so much nicer and I love it.

I think I’ll keep Jay around for a little while longer. 😉

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1 Response to A Wooden Surface

  1. Jamie says:

    That is SUCH a cool design! I love it!
    (It’s nice to have talented men around. *wink*)

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