A Horse Puppy

My sister and I are cat people.

Me and Droof 8-18-19

Dogs are okay, but we would rather surround ourselves with cats.

Droof and Cats

When she got married, her husband brought a “dog” into the relationship. You can’t really call Chloe a dog (she’s in the picture above). She’s small and acts more like a cat. In fact, she’s often much better behaved than my sister’s cats. So I only count her as 1/2 a dog. Anyway, this past summer my sister’s husband decided that he wanted another dog.

You know how sometimes when you’ve been itching for something you might go WAY bigger than you intended? For instance, when you’ve been really craving lasagna and then you finally get it, you cut too big of a piece and then can’t finish it all. Well, I think that’s what happened with Chuk and his dog.

Meet Rando.

Rando Puppy Pictures

Rando is a St. Bernard/Australian Shepherd mix.

If I remember correctly, the time that lapsed between the picture on the left and the picture on the right was only two weeks. I want to say that Rando was around 16 weeks old. Chuk kept saying that Rando is a Tea Cup St. Bernard. I told him if by that he means a Disney World Tea Cup, then I would agree.

When I traveled for work at the beginning of December I stopped in to visit with my sister. At this point, Rando is 7 months old. Do you want to see a picture of the little puppy?

Rando - 7 months old

Yep. Seven months old… and 90 pounds!

I guess that Rando’s dad is 160 pounds (his mom is the Australian Shepherd).

When he’s biting you and jumping on you it’s hard to remember that this giant horse is still a puppy. Thus, a Horse Puppy.

Rando 12-5-19 7mos old

I think that once he hits full maturity and gets out of the puppy stage he will be a really good dog. It’s just getting through that puppy stage that is a pain.

For Christmas we bought Chuk a Rando Pooper Scooper Set. I hope he liked it!

Rando Poop Scoop Kit

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1 Response to A Horse Puppy

  1. Jamie says:

    Oh my goodness that’s a huge puppy! I sincerely hope for their sake that he mellows as he gets a little older, because Aussies are like border collies and the settling process can take *years*…

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