Real Life 1-10-20

I thought it was about time that I give you guys another reason for being glad that your life isn’t as messy as mine. There used to be a show called, “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” Well, this blog is the exact opposite. Welcome to “Lifestyle of the Non-Practicing Hermit.” Life is so busy and a full time job seems to always get in the way of real productivity.

I have SO many projects currently going on, but I haven’t been able to crochet for the last two days because my wrist has finally had enough. While I’ve been resting it I’ve been working on other projects.

Jay has finally de-planed the Pink room!

Pink Room 1-9-20

That means I can start preparing to move this furniture upstairs, and my sewing room downstairs. You can see the black garbage bag in this picture. That is full of t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, sweaters and tanks that will be going to Goodwill.

Before I can move this stuff out I need to move my sewing room stuff downstairs and the office stuff into the current sewing room. In order to do that I’ve been trying to minimize the junk that I will be moving around.

Office 1-9-20

Somehow I’ve managed to find enough papers to shred that it fills up almost two leaf bags. Plus I still have more! These will go to my dad for use as bedding in the barn. He has some piglets that I’ve named ‘Links’, ‘Patty’, ‘Ham-let’ and ‘Yummy’.

As you can see, my house is a disaster area. Well, except the library.

Library 1-9-20

No more desk!

That is, until you walk into the living room…

Living Room 1-9-20

I had to move the desk because this weekend we are getting an addition to our household. I’ve had a conversation with Bob, but we’ll see how well he listened. I was told about this poor little cat who is 9 years old and doesn’t get the love and attention that she deserves. So I was asked if I would like to take her in. How could I say no? My heart hurts whenever I hear about cats who aren’t spoiled rotten like they deserve.

This new cat comes with her own cat tree (which will be good because she will feel like she has a piece of her own territory here), so I want to put it in a room that is in the middle of everything. The poor dear has been relegated to the basement of her current house and doesn’t get nearly as much attention as she would like, so we are going to fix that problem quick, fast and in a hurry!

Again, the Bob is not impressed.

Bob 1-9-20

He feels that there are plenty of cats in the house.

Let’s end this blog post on a giggle.

My sister and brother-in-law gave Jay a shower curtain for Christmas because when they saw it they instantly thought of him. What do you think is on it? Airplanes? Beer? Wood working tools? Cats? Are you ready for this…

Jay's Shower Curtain

Our bathroom is small so this is the best picture that I could get of the curtain. I told him we need to get a picture of him peering out the vinyl window.

The funny thing is that this curtain goes perfectly with our bathroom decor!

Bathroom 1-9-20

Again, you won’t ever see anything like this on the rich and snooty home shows. You can only get this kind of designer style here at Kerry’d Away!

You’re welcome.

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2 Responses to Real Life 1-10-20

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  2. Jamie says:

    LOL. That shower curtain is a riot!

    Hooray for your new addition coming with her own cat tree. I hope she feels at home quickly and that Bob finds himself more impressed than he expects. ❤

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