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Crocheted Garments for Christmas

I believe it was a few weeks ago when I posted that I wanted to make a new top to wear to Christmas Eve mass. I found the Abundant Motifs Tunic: I looked on Ravelry to see how many people … Continue reading

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Crocheted Christmas Gifts – 2019

I have a confession to make. I haven’t worked on a Project Linus blanket for a little bit. I’ve been working on crocheted Christmas gifts. There are some that I can’t show because I think those friends read this blog, … Continue reading

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Warm Embers Cardigan – Finished

To be fair, this garment has been finished for a while. I just had to find the time (and daylight!) when I could get Jay to take pictures of me modeling it. Unfortunately, I can’t afford a decent model so … Continue reading

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Bodycon Dress – Continues

It’s been a little bit, but I posted about the bodycon dress that I am attempting to make for my friend, Jamie. When I last posted about this dress I was at the point where I needed to grade from … Continue reading

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Meet Addie the Dress Form

I have a very lovely friend whom I’ll call “Jamie.” I have known Jamie for almost 20 years (YIKES!!) and she has always been petite and wispy. Just don’t piss her off because you will rue the day! Anyway, last … Continue reading

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Warm Embers Cardigan – 9-13-19

It’s amazing that all of this: Can turn into this: No, I haven’t finished it yet. I have a few more projects lined up so I will be happy when I CAN say that this is done. Since September is … Continue reading

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Review: Ice Yarn’s Batik Chunky

I have been crocheting a cardigan for my sister using Ice Yarn’s Batik Chunky yarn. This is the first time that I’ve used this yarn so I wanted to write a little review for it. I am using the colorway … Continue reading

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Warm Embers Cardigan – #1

In the current issue of Crochet! magazine I saw this: I was visiting my sister when I purchased the magazine and she said that she really liked that cardigan. Not the colors, but the style. I’ve never crocheted a garment, … Continue reading

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