Household Helpers

I didn’t know what title to use for this post. I have two different projects in different disciplines that really don’t go together. Yet, here they are.

First, for my friend’s birthday I decided to make her a couple of tote bags. Prior to the plague hitting the world her State had decided to get rid of all plastic bags in the stores. I decided she needed a couple for when the locusts have been swept up and the frogs dumped down the sewers.

Sarah's Bags 6-20-20

Of course I used cat material. She is a crazier cat lady than I am, so it had to be done. I dug around in my utility fabric bin to see what I could come up with, and the bottoms were made out of what surfaced.

To make these a little sturdier when they are being used I cut some plastic canvas to size and wrapped them in the utility fabric as well.

Sarah's Bag Bottom 6-20-20

You can actually fit quite a bit in these bags. I filled it with a hardcover book, a handful of magazines, and a plastic jar that used to hold 4 pounds of jelly beans.

Sarah's Bag Volume

There was still more room for things.

Sarahs Bag Inside

When not in use they can be folded into much smaller pieces.

Sarah's Bag Folded

Penny was in the sewing room and wanted to help model the bags.

Sarah's Bag Modeled

You’re probably wondering what Penny is wearing. She overheard Jay and I discussing our vacation to sit beside my sister’s pool. She was insistent that she needed a new bathing suit. Now, we haven’t decided if she’s going with us or not, but I didn’t think it would hurt to make her a suit. You never know when you’re going to need it.

Penny's Swim Suit Front

I drafted my own pattern. It’s a bit difficult when you have to account for a permanent utility belt around the waist. The front looked good.

The back needs some work.

Penny's Swim Suit Back

You can see she has a bit of a droopy butt. She doesn’t mind, though. She’s been running around in it for almost a week. I’ll have to wrestle it off of her, I think.

The only other thing that I have to share is this:

3D Printed Can Tab Lifter

Can you guess what it is? I’m leading you astray by showing it on my cutting mat.

3D Printed Can Tab Lifter in Use

It’s to help open cans that have the pull tabs. Usually I don’t have a problem, but lately my nails have been very thin and brittle. They have been peeling like nobody’s business so they bend and break when I try to get a finger under the tab. Bob only eats canned food so at least three to four times a day I have to try to pry up a lid. I went on Thingiverse and found the design for this one. I sent the link to Jay and he printed it for me. It’s much better than trying to use the paring knife that I usually have sitting next to my kitchen sink. I’m less likely to stab myself with this!

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1 Response to Household Helpers

  1. Jamie says:

    These are very awesome! Reusable bags are amazing things, and I 💜 the idea of that tab-puller you made!!

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