Crocheted Garment Wishlist

Jay asked me what I wanted for my birthday. What I really wanted was something beyond his power to give me. What I really wanted was a lot of crocheting time and a wrist that can withstand the repetitive motion without throwing a hissy fit. I haven’t been able to do a lot of crocheting because my wrist has been offended that I would use it for gardening and daily life. My 2-3 hours of daily crocheting has been knocked down to about 30 minutes. Not only does this put a crimp in the number of blankets and hats that I can get made for various charities, but I also have a long list of garments that I would like to make for myself. Let me share them with you.

These patterns were found in either Crochet! magazine or Crochet World magazine. If you would like to purchase a copy of the pattern I’m sure you can find it on one of those sites by doing a search. I will make sure to tell you in which magazine I found it.

Two-Lace Cardi by Margaret Willson

Crochet World – April 2020 Issue

Two-Lace Cardi CW042020

The model was made using Premier Yarns Cotton Fair yarn, which is a cotton/acrylic blend. It is machine washable, which is important to me. I dislike owning garments that require either dry cleaning or hand washing. That’s too much effort for something that is probably going to get snagged or sneezed on. I liked this cardi because of the lace pattern, but if I ever get the chance to make it I might make the arms a little longer. I don’t like sleeves that fall just before my wrist.

Everyday Casual Cardi by Tammy Hildebrand

Crochet! – Spring 2020

Everyday Casual Cardi CSpr2020

Model made using Scheepjes Stone Washed XL yarn, which is another cotton/acrylic blend. Keep in mind that you don’t have to use the exact yarn used in the model. Just make sure to use something similar if you’re going to swap it out and always do a gauge swatch! Again with this cardi I would probably lengthen the sleeves a bit.

Little Black Diagonal Fringed Dress by Tammy Hildebrand

Crochet! – Spring 2020

Little Black Diagonal Fringed Dress CSpr2020

Made using Scheepjes Softfun yarn, yet another cotton/acrylic blend. Now, normally I wouldn’t be intrigued by a crocheted dress, but there’s something about this one. Maybe the designer really knows what I like. After all, the previous cardi that I posted was her design. On this dress I would probably leave the fringe off so that I wouldn’t be stepping on cats who were trying to play with it (or chew on it). But I like it.

Floating Columns Pullover by Jill Hanratty

Crochet World

Floating Columns Pullover CWSFall2018

Model made using Garnstudio DROPS Fabel yarn. This yarn is actually a wool blend, but I would substitute an acrylic. In fact, I have one in mind from Ice Yarns, but I haven’t done the math to see if it will work similarly. I LOVE this pattern. It’s lacy and feminine and so pretty. Except the color, there’s nothing I would change about it.

Cold Shoulder Mandala Top by Jill Hanratty

Crochet! – Summer 2020

Cold Shoulder Mandala Top CSum2020

Here’s another top made using Premier Cotton Fair yarn. I’m not usually into the cold shoulder look (I like my shoulders to be warm), but the lace really hooked me. And of course, we have another repeat designer on my list. I just think that this top will look really nice with quite a few of my skirts.

Top-Down Tunic by Dora Ohrenstein

Crochet World – Feb 2020

Top-Down Tunic CW022020

Model made with Lion Brand LB Collection Baby Alpaca yarn. I would use an acrylic yarn, but I like the  look of this top. The neck doesn’t look like it’s so high it will choke you and the sleeves look manageable. It’s just something nice and simple.

Tiffany Poncho by Dora Ohrenstein

Crochet World – Oct 2019

Tiffany Poncho CW102019

Model made using Knit One, Crochet Too Elfin Tweed yarn. This one is kind of iffy for me. I like the lace look, but I would need it to be longer. And I’m not quite convinced on the neckline. We’ll see if this one gets made.

Light as Air Kimono by Jill Hanratty

Crochet! – Summer 2019

Light as Air Kimono CSum2019

Model made using Berroco Remix Light yarn. Yet another Hanratty pattern on my list. I really like the design and the bell sleeves. This wouldn’t be one of the first ones I would try, but I definitely wouldn’t mind having a go at it. I would even leave the sleeves at their current length!

Nikita Tee by Lena Skvagerson

Crochet! – Summer 2019

Nikita Tee CSum2019

Model made using Patons Grace yarn. This is another lacy summer top that I would want to wear with my skirts. I think I would make this in black, though. Can you imagine how pretty it could look with a black skirt and a white tank underneath? Very pretty!

Flowers & Lace Capelet by Diane Poellot


Flowers & Lce Capelet CSI2019

Model made using a medium weight (#4) yarn. I really love the look of this because the border is so interesting. I would definitely make it longer into a poncho and not just a capelet. Reading the instructions makes it seem very intimidating, but I want to give it a try when I’m feeling brave.

Long & Lacy Vest by Margaret Willson

Crochet World – June 2019

Long & Lacy Vest CW062019

Model made with Cascade Ultra Pima Fine Peruvian Tones yarn. I’m not usually a vest person, but I like the look of this one. It’s another garment on my list designed by Margaret Willson. I might have to do a google search for her other designs.

Double Trellis Topper by Ann McFarland

Crochet World – April 2019

Double Trellis Topper CW042019

Model made using Omega Mimosa yarn. Another lacy vest. I guess the overall pattern in the garments I’m choosing is lace. Big surprise? I don’t think so. That’s why I like crocheted items.

Drifting Tee by Rae Blackledge

Crochet World – Aug 2019

Drifting Tee CW082019

Model made using Premier Cotton Fair yarn. This one isn’t as lacy, but I like the design. It’s different and would be nice to wear in the air conditioning.

I will stop boring you with pictures of items that I may never ever get around to making. I don’t like to shop, but I love to look at patterns and determine if I would wear them or not. This is the only time that I’m interested in looking at clothes. I hope you enjoyed the tour of my wish list!

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