Mid-June Sewing

I’ve been trying to find little snippets of time to spend in my sewing room. It’s such a bright and inviting space. Also, I don’t feel like I’m in a dark, closing-in-on-me sauna.

Sewing Room Furnished 2 4-19-20

My friend is due with her first baby in August so I need a non-suffocating room to sew in this summer. One of those projects is a baby changing mat. I ran across this pattern a few years ago on So Sew Easy’s website.

Baby Changing Mat1

I personalized it for them with their favorite football team. Jay says that it’s the perfect material for a baby to poop on. Jay is not a Steelers fan.

This folds up into a size that is nice to stash in a diaper bag or one of those larger purses.

Baby Changing Mat2

On the inside you have two little pockets that flop out. I have to get a small container of baby wipes for one of the pockets and the other pocket will hold a diaper or two (depending on the size). I used a layer of vinyl on top of the yellow to make clean up a little easier.

Baby Changing Mat3

Here you can see the pockets opened up for access. Unlike what Jay thought, they are not used to hold the kids’ hands out of the way.

I hope they like it. The pattern was easy to follow and quick to sew once I actually sat down to do it. That gives me one more project ticked off of the To Do list!

Another project for my sewing room that has been checked off is to hang my poster so that I can enjoy it whenever I walk into room.

Sewing Room Cat Poster

Of course I need a cat poster in my sewing room. Hello! Have you met me?

One other somewhat sewing-related project that has been completed:

Quilt Rack Installed 6-12-20

My quilt rack has been installed! I know that the quilt isn’t folded just right, but it’s close enough for me. We hung this in the family room. Isn’t it great?

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