Crocheted Sweater and Hats

A while ago I had started to make the Rose Cathedral Stained Glass Window afghan.

Cathedral Rose Window Afghan 2-18-20

I got this far before I decided that I didn’t like how it was turning out. It wasn’t laying flat and I knew if I kept going the waviness was just going to continue through the rest of it. So I stopped. I currently have this in my car as an emergency blanket. I was going to let Bob have it, since he seemed to like it so much, but Jay was horrified that I would give something like this to a cat to sleep on.

I had purchased a lot of yarn for it and still had quite a bit left in my stash

IceY Cathedral Window Yarn 7-3-19

I was using Ice Yarns’ Cakes Blues – Rainbow and Saver in Turquoise and Purple. Originally I planned to make a sweater for my sister, but then I realized that Mother’s Day was coming up and my mom would probably love a big comfy sweater for the winter. I knew it was going to be a bit “loud”, but my mom can pull it off.

I used the Tammy Sweater pattern from Christa at The Secret Yarnery with a slight modification to the sleeves. I tried the sweater on to see how long I needed to make the sleeves, but they felt too tight on my lower arms. I marked the point where I wanted to start fixing the problem and then tore it out and redid it. Instead of decreasing three every row I decreased one every other row for a bit and then eventually got it down to the size that I liked.

Due to the pandemic I was limited with my choice of models, but she was cheap and available. You know what they say, “Beggars can’t be choosers.” Here is the finished sweater:

Babe's Sweater 5-23-20 Cropped

I wasn’t sure that I would have enough of the Cakes Blues to do the arms and collar, so I opted to use the purple Saver yarn to add a little interest.

Babe's Sweater Back 5-23-20 Cropped

I also made this one a little longer than the last Tammy Sweater I made for my friend Chrissy. My mom seemed to like it so that’s all that matters.

I have also managed to make a few more hats.

Crocheted Hats 13-15

I used a pattern found in an older leaflet from Annie’s. It’s a crocheted Man’s Camo Hat by Glenda Winkelman. I found that you can purchase it as a pdf pattern here. After crocheting it I had Jay try it on and he said it was a bit tight. I really liked the brim, though, so I made a few changes.

Crocheted Hat 13

This hat is actually supposed to be crocheted in two pieces (the crown and the brim) and then sewn together. I’m lazy and didn’t want to sew a brim on so I decided to try crocheting it on the hat as I went. After I had finished the last round I chained the number of stitches that I wanted for my brim and single crocheted. On the return row I crocheted in the back loop until I reached the body of the hat then I slip-stitched to that row, and then the row above it. I think it makes an okay hat. The rusty orange hat was made using Loops & Threads Impeccable yarn that I purchased at Michaels. I have to say that I’m not a fan. I probably will not buy this yarn again. It’s very stiff and thick. I don’t like the feel of it at all.

I went digging into my yarn stash and came up with a skein of yarn that I had purchased from Hobby Lobby. I’m not sure what the color was because the label had been missing so they had just placed a regular piece of paper around it as a band and marked the price down. The colors are really pretty and I love crocheting with Hobby Lobby’s yarn.

Crocheted Hat 14

I made this one a little differently. I decided to crochet the body with the same kind of increasing pattern as I’ve used on other hats until I was up to 72 stitches per round (the camo hat that Jay said was too small was only up to 60 stitches per round). Then I maintained the 72 stitches per round until the body was as long as I wanted. I also made the same kind of brim as described above. Jay tried it on and said that it fit nicely.

I still had about a third of the skein of yarn left, so I started another hat. I knew I wouldn’t have enough to complete it so I decided to use black for the brim.

Crocheted Hat 15

I think it turned out really well. Fifteen down and only about twenty-five more to go…

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