Late Spring Sewing Projects

You might remember that Jay had made a smaller corn hole board for a coworker.

Buffalo Bills Mini Corn Hole Board 5-26-20

You can’t play corn hole without the corn hole bags. I still had all of the materials on hand from the last time I made bags. Instead of regulation 6″ square I sized them down to 4″ square. Unfortunately I didn’t have the correct colors of duck cloth on hand to make Buffalo Bills themed bags. Oh well. They are just going to get thrown around.

Mini Corn Hole Bags 5-31-20

My sewing job to close the seam isn’t the best. To be fair, I was battling with hands and fingers that hurt from all of the gardening I had done the day before. (Yes, I’m whining and yes, I’m using it as an excuse for my poor sewing skills).

This set is technically for the guy to use with his kids so I knew I would have to make a bag to hold the bags in otherwise they are going to get lost.

Drawstring Bag 5-31-20

Again, I’m using what I have enough of in my stash. At least it shouldn’t get lost!

So, the full set:

Mini Corn Hole Bag Set 5-31-20

You may be wondering, like I was, if I made the bag too small to actually fit the corn hole bags. Luckily they fit in there snuggly.

Drawstring Bag with Corn Hole Bags 5-31-20

That was delivered yesterday and the coworker loved it.

The next project I’ve had on my list for a few months is a bag to hold the outside part of my electronic thermometer.

Thermometer Bag Supplies 5-31-20

You need something that will allow the device to breathe, but has to be weatherproof. I decided to use this extra mesh laundry bag that I had laying around.

Now, I warn you… this is a utilitarian project so I was not going for anything that looked like it could grace the cover of Home Sewing magazine.

Thermometer Bag 5-31-20

Very simple and very basic. It’s only going to be seen by me when I’m changing the batteries or trying to figure out why the inside part isn’t registering anything from the outside device (which seems to happen to me a lot). This hangs in a stupid bush at the corner of my deck.

Thermometer Bag in Place 5-31-20

I don’t care for this bush, but it gives me a place out-of-the-sun to hang my thermometer device. Also, I hate to just rip it out of the ground. I hasn’t done anything to me except be a bush that I don’t care to have in my yard.

Speaking of yard, I have to show you the rhubarb haul I brought in last night:

Rhubarb 6-1-20

We added the can of coke for scale. I know that you’re not suppose to let your rhubarb get this big, but my plants are very sassy and do not listen to me at all. It’s only the beginning of June. It shouldn’t be this big already. This is only half of what my two bushes have growing on them. With these giants gone the others should have a better chance to grow.

Here’s the dumb thing about my gardening skills. I baby my roses and other plants. I make sure to water them consistently, I try to spray my roses for aphids, black spot, and worms. I check my vegetable plants to make sure they are growing at a good pace and add fertilizer as needed. Last year my roses all got one thing after another and one bush had all of its leaves turn yellow and fall off after the first bloom. My cucumbers barely made an appearance and my tomatoes refused to do anything.

Yet the rhubarb plants are the most neglected plants in my yard. They are stashed over in a corner surrounded by a burning bush, a rose of sharon and lots of weeds. I have to usually weed just to access the rhubarb bushes because it’s behind the fire pit and I keep forgetting about them. And here these stupid things grow like I’ve been giving them my total and complete attention. I just don’t get it! Maybe next year I should toss my cucumber plants over there and walk away to see if they respond better to neglect. 😉

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