Crocheted Hats

One of my latest projects is crocheting hats. There is a faith-based substance abuse rehabilitation program that my small faith group has adopted as our charity of choice. It is a men’s rehab group and quite a few of them actually attend my church. I decided that I would like to make enough hats that they can all get a new one in the Fall. My end goal will be to have at least 60 hats made.

Crochet Hat #2 & #1

Hats #2 and #1

The very first hat that I’ve ever made in my life is on the right. I used a free pattern that I found on one of the yarn manufacturer’s websites. I used Ice Yarn’s Saver in the color ‘Turquoise’. This yarn is really nice. It’s a #4 worsted and is about the same size as Red Heart Super Saver, though MUCH softer.

The second one, on the left, was made using another free pattern and Loops and Threads Impeccable in the colorway ‘Mirage Gray Varg’. This is also a #4, but isn’t quite as full as the Saver. I’m not sure if it’s due to the pattern or the yarn, but this hat is a bit rougher than the first one. It’s also bigger. I’m not sure what happened as I never checked my gauge. I figure that there has to be at least one guy in the program with a big head, right?

Speaking of gauge…

I received an email from Lion Brand with a screaming deal on their ZZ Twist yarn.

Lion Brand ZZ Twist

I picked out colors that I thought guys would wear. I was slightly disappointed when this arrived because the skeins were so small. I obviously had not paid attention when ordering because I was getting these for $1 a skein! That’s a STEAL as these are usually around $5 a skein. This yarn feels like it’s more a #3, but I thought I would give it a try.

This time I found a pattern for a beanie in one of my crochet magazines and stitched it up. Again, I didn’t swatch and that’s what caused my issues.

Gary in a Crocheted Hat

It actually fits Gary pretty well. So you know that it came out a bit small. When I finished it I laughed and then I put it on to show Jay. He said, “I didn’t know you were going to make a yamaka, too.” I didn’t get a chance to have him take a picture of me wearing it, which is too bad because I look really ridiculous. I’m going to weave in the ends and give it to a children’s charity.

After the incident of the shrunken hat I did some calculating and realized that the ZZ Twist is almost exactly half the size of the yarn that was called for by the pattern. I didn’t want the yarn to go to waste as I had specifically purchased it for hats. So, I got out a second skein and am holding it double.

Crocheted Hats #4 & #3

You can see the difference in the second beanie that I made (different pattern) using this same color of yarn. I will just hold it double for all the rest of the hats. I want to use acrylic yarn so that I don’t have to worry about guys reacting to wool, and also these guys probably will be getting them sweaty and dirty. The easiest yarn to wash is acrylic so they should be all set. As long as I continue to make them the correct size!

Crocheted Hats 3-12-20

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