More Baby Stuff…

I know, I know… we’ve already had two girly posts in a row. Where’s the good stuff? Well, the good stuff is in process… patience is a virtue. Until then, let me show you what I’ve been doing with my “spare” time.

This past winter I received my Spring 2020 issue of Crochet! Magazine and a dress in there caught my eye. At the time my best friend was expecting a little girl so I just HAD to make it for her!

Frilly Baby Dress 5-1-20

It’s the frilliest girly dress that I’ve seen! I used the Nicole brand of Storybook yarn (which is now discontinued) and made this in the 9-12 month size in the hopes that it would fit the baby sometime this summer. I mean, I realize that this is a very impractical dress, but look how frilly!!

Frilly Baby Dress Skirt 5-1-20

That is the skirt. Is it awesome or what?! Okay, so perhaps I’m projecting my love of frilly dresses with big skirts onto this poor child. She had better get used to it because there will probably be a lot more of these kinds of impractical garments in her future.

When I was taking pictures of this dress Penny saw and was begging me to let her wear it. She claimed it was so that I could get a better picture of the dress, but let’s be honest… Penny is also a girly-girl so I let her try it on.

Penny Modeling Baby Dress 5-1-20

It was much too big and Penny couldn’t walk in it, but just look at that smile!

Penny in Baby Dress 5-1-20

I might have to make her a ball gown.

Can I just tell you how much I love my new sewing room? Even on the brightest days my previous sewing room was like a cave. Now I have all kinds of light and sparkles on my wall. It’s wonderful! I’ve been working on a backlog of projects, most of which have been baby gifts.

Baby Stuff 5-10-20

This is the batch from this last weekend.

I have two fleece blankets:

Fleece Blankets 5-10-20

A couple receiving blankets:

Receiving Blankets 5-10-20

And a bunch of burp cloths:

Burp Cloths 5-10-20

I still have more projects in mind, but Bob only allows me so many sewing room hours at a time. Then he needs Mama Lap Time.

I did manage to squeeze one more project in this week. A year ago we had some windows replaced in the back of our house, including one over my sink.

New Kitchen Window 6-3-19

It is so bright and beautiful that I felt bad leaving it naked. I had some lace yardage so I decided I would make a lace valance. Somehow I never managed to get to that until yesterday.

Kitchen Curtain 2 5-14-20

It’s not much, but it goes with the lace curtain theme that I have throughout the house.

Also, I was very happy that I managed to actually get it straight!

Kitchen Curtain 5-14-20

That’s all from my sewing room for now. Stay tuned for more baby things (I have another friend due in August) and possibly a purse or two. Who knows what the future will hold!

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