Crocheted Baby Blanket and Hats

One of my very good friends is expecting her first child in August. As soon as I found out my head started reeling with ideas for what I could make as gifts. Unlike most couples nowadays, though, they have decided not to find out if it’s a boy or girl. So anything that I make prior to the little minion (that’s how she refers to the wee one) being born has to be gender neutral. I admit that I might be pushing that a bit because one of the projects I’m working on is all blue, but I’m a girl and blue is my favorite color so it counts.

Anyway, I knew that I wanted to make her a blanket. So I did.

Light's Baby Blanket 5-2-20

Are your eyes bugging out and you’re wondering how in the world I could have possibly chosen those colors for a baby blanket??!! My friends are HUGE Pittsburgh Steelers fans. In their house these colors are definitely gender neutral.

This pattern is the Easy Breezy Mile A Minute Baby Blanket by Christa at The Secret Yarnery. I really like to use her patterns because they are typically easy and work up quickly. This one was no exception.

Light's Baby Blanket Detail

You crochet your strips and then join them together and add a border. I did leave off the popcorn dangles because I figured that would keep it slightly more gender neutral. I’m not sure that guys like popcorn dangles. It’s one of those personal preference things.

Bob was a bit busy so he had his friend, Vader, help with quality inspection.

Light's Baby Blanket with Vader

He gave it the Light Saber sear of approval.

I’ve also managed to make a few more hats. Remember, I’m trying to make in the neighborhood of 40-60 of these by Thanksgiving. I’m not sure I’m going to make it because I’m only on #10 through 12.

Crocheted Hats Detail 10-12

This blue was washed out by the sunlight coming in through the window. I tried to get a different angle hoping that would help.

Crocheted Hats #10-12

The blue one on the right is closer to the actual color, but still a bit washed out.

Again, these had to go through quality inspection.

Crocheted Hats #10-12 Modeled

Vader says, “It looks good… on me.”

After that groan-worthy line Bob suspended Vader’s quality inspection certification, so Bob will be officially inspecting for a while.

Bob 5-5-20

“It’s so hard to find good help!”

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  1. Karen says:

    I thought of a bumblebees at first 😂

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