Gary and Penny Return

I know, it’s been a while. I’ve been receiving a bunch of questions regarding Gary and Penny. Where are they? Are they still around? Did Gary send Penny to the orphanage? Did Penny get sent to military school? And so on…

I thought I would fill you in on their adventures.

Gary and Penny 2018

Shortly after their first Christmas together Gary thought it would be a good idea to take some time and get to know his daughter, Penny. He took a leave-of-absence from work and they went on a road trip. To be fair, Gary has told me what he does for a living but I can never really remember what it entails. It has something to do with security and maybe the government. I’m thinking that he might be part of the border patrol? But I can’t be certain. Anyway, he decided that the best way to get to know his daughter was to be stuck in a vehicle with her for hours as they traveled about the country.

Looking back, Gary realizes this was a huge mistake. After all, Penny has boundless energy and can be hard to contain. I believe that the comparison was used of taking one of those super balls (the small rubber balls you can get out of vending machines) and throwing it as hard as you can in a closed car. That was what it was like to travel with Penny. Apparently they had fun. Gary let Penny use the camera. I’ll show you the wonderful pictures she took.

Penny's Selfie

I’m told this was a selfie at Niagara Falls.

They traveled up to the Thousand Islands in NY and Penny was very disappointed when she discovered that they weren’t actually going to sleep in a castle.

Boldt Castle (from my balcony)

They headed south and stopped in our nation’s capital. I’m told that this next picture was taken on the Mall:

Gary's Foot

Gary was excited to see Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Charlotte. To commemorate their trip, Penny took a beautiful picture from inside the track:

Southern Vacation 2009 168

I believe it was at this point that Gary decided they needed some time in one place. So they stopped by and visited my sister.

Gary Relaxing

Penny was kept busy with my sister’s five cats so Gary happily took many naps in the pool. After a while, though, they had to move on. They made it as far as the Mississippi River before Gary had enough and turned the car back towards home.


The biggest thing that Gary learned about his daughter was this: No more road trips until she’s old enough to share the driving. I was told that this picture was taken near Lake Erie:

Gary's Face

Apparently Penny has to learn that the camera has a zoom feature and you don’t actually have to walk right up to the person when taking their picture.

Penny is a good kid. She is just very curious and always wants to learn everything she can. In fact, she’s been helping me in my sewing room. Last week you saw the pictures of her modeling the baby dress for me.

Well, she helped me organize my lace collection.

Penny in Lace

And she was very intent on learning how to use my rotary cutter.

Penny on the Cutting Board

She did help me cut some material for the burp cloths, which had her so excited that I had to remind her not to flail around with the cutter in her hand.

Penny Cutting Fabric

I’m sure there will be more adventures with Gary and Penny, but I wanted to give you an update. Oh, and Penny asked me to please share a picture of their May 4th outfits with you:

Yoda Gary and Ewok Penny

These are not the Storm Troopers you are looking for.

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