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Atlanta Trip – Animal Park Part 1

It’s been almost two months, but I’ve still got a few Atlanta posts left in me! One of the places that we visited was an animal park. Now, I’m not much for zoos, but Sarah loves this place so we … Continue reading

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Train Show Excursion – 7-16-16

When Jay and I met five years ago he was a smoker. On July 14, 2013 he gave up smoking because he was too lazy to turn right to go buy a pack of cigarettes before heading to work. He … Continue reading

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Trip to Atlanta – World of Coke

Coca-Cola is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. While we were there we had to go visit it. I figured it would be neat to see the history and all of the old ad campaigns. I didn’t take a whole lot of … Continue reading

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Trip to Atlanta – Centennial Olympic Park

Last week I went to Atlanta, GA with a good friend in order to watch the Atlanta Braves play a series of home games. My friend, Sarah, goes every May with her dad because the Braves are her favorite baseball … Continue reading

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Travel Bug Has Been Biting

Have you heard the call? Are the drums calling to you? Am I the only one who hears them? I’m surprised because they have been drumming louder and louder. It feels like forever since I’ve been to Gettysburg and I … Continue reading

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Amusement Sunday!

Sunday wasn’t a very nice day, at first. It was rainy and chilly. After watching the weather report, though, we decided to go for it. Jay had been looking forward to going to Carowinds and we figured that the park … Continue reading

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Rocket Car

On our way back from Toledo we were tooling along I-90, driving through Cleveland, when we spotted this: Jay and I were both speechless. What in the world??!! How can that be street legal?? Of course, we forgot we were … Continue reading

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