Amusement Sunday!

Sunday wasn’t a very nice day, at first. It was rainy and chilly. After watching the weather report, though, we decided to go for it. Jay had been looking forward to going to Carowinds and we figured that the park wouldn’t be very busy. We were right! Many of the rides we could walk right up to and hop on. In fact, on one of the rides Jay and I were the only people on it!

This was my favorite ride at the park. It’s called ‘The Intimidator’ and is named after Dale Earnhardt, Sr. This one is supposed to be scarey, but I really enjoyed it. And that’s saying a lot because I’m not usually one for amusement parks, let alone roller coasters.



This is how it looked after the rain finally stopped. I think that we rode this ride three times. The first time my sister was behind us and all I could hear was, “Oh God! Oh no!!” lol I had my eyes closed the entire ride. The next two times, though, I did have my eyes open.



Look at that first drop! Yes, that is an airplane that you see in the picture. Jay was in heaven. Roller coasters and planes!





I think this was the second ride that we went on. I didn’t care for this one because you were locked into a harness and you flipped over completely so that you were hanging from it. Not exactly my idea of fun. Jay really liked it, though. We ended up riding this one twice, I think. We stopped after Jay thought that he had lost his wallet. He lost his lighter the first time. Luckily his wallet was still in the seat, but barely!

You can somewhat see how they are hanging from their harnesses in this picture. Every time I just hoped that the engineer who designed the clasp knew what he was doing!






It was very hard to try to get pictures of this coaster as they were flying overhead. You can’t tell, but they are hanging upside down in this one.




Here you can see the latest ride. It’s called the Wind Seeker. It’s the tallest ride in the park. It’s so tall that they had to put lights on the top for the planes to see it. I believe that it pulls you up 300 feet into the air and then you spin around on the swinging seats. It wasn’t too bad, but it was the end of the day and the spinning made me feel dizzy.


My sister and her friend Danielle went with us. My sister is the one on the left. They had a good time, too.





Jay and I had our picture taken, too. lol






We were at the park from around 11:30 a.m. until almost 4:00 (I think). It was a long, but fun day. Jay was double checking the map to make sure that we had ridden everything decent.




I’m so lucky! Isn’t he such a cutie?






That’s why I had to make sure that everybody knew that Jay was mine! Yes, ladies, that’s my crazy look! You don’t want to attempt to steal him from me…




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