Dreadlocks (??!!)

When you read the following words, what comes to mind? “The hair style is so full of character that they look great even when you do nothing.” They look great? What could they possibly be talking about?

YIKES!! Really? Somebody does that to their hair on purpose? When I was little my mother would have a fit if I managed to get a few “rat’s nests” in my hair. I remember the pain of having to sit there while she brushed them out. Also, if you’ve ever had your hair in a bunch of braids, or even in one braid for a long period of time, you know the itch and soreness of the scalp from the stress of that weight pulling on your head. I’ll be honest; while looking for pictures of dreadlocks my head started itching and hurting from just the thought of my hair styled like that.

Why am I posting about dreadlocks? I guess that it’s been on my mind lately. At my company there is this girl who works on the assembly floor and she has a giant head full of dreads. They aren’t pretty dreads, either. Wait… did I just say pretty dreads? Yes. Again, after having looked at a lot of pictures I can admit that some of the people do a good job and they look great with their dreads.

Again, it’s not my taste in hairstyling, but if you keep it looking neat then you can get away with it. I’m specifically trying to stay away from any pictures of African-Americans with dreads because they are typically the ones who sport that style and they usually do it in a way that it looks good. Dreadlocks and cornrows can look nice on African-Americans. These styles typically look out of place on white people. That’s just my opinion, though. Of course, maybe I don’t understand the desire to have dreads because I’m not a pothead.

Anyway, this girl at work has this horrible head of dreads that makes me itch and scratch every time I see her. I’m not sure if she was specifically going for the dread look, or if she was just lazy and decided to stop brushing her hair. Either theory is completely plausible because she also wears her pajamas to work.

When did it become okay to not get dressed to go out into public? How can you feel that it’s perfectly logical to wear your pajamas to work? How much lazier as a society can we possibly get?

I am blaming this entire trend on the younger generation and their feelings of entitlement. Why should they have to get dressed? Why should they have to ‘dress to impress’? They shouldn’t have to work for anything, it’s given to them. Therefore, why does it matter what they wear if they are going to be handed everything in life anyway? Our grandparents would have DIED before going out into public in their pajamas. Okay, maybe not after going senile ;-), but you know what I mean. What happened to the days when women didn’t go out without a hat on? Or even when men wore their hats out in public, and I mean the fedora-style and not the baseball cap. Have you attended a wedding lately? How many people show up in jeans? I was raised that when you go to church, a wedding, or a funeral that you always wear your ‘Sunday best’. It was called your Sunday best for a reason.

Okay, I realize that I don’t exactly keep up with the latest fashion trends. I have no idea what is ‘In’ right now.

I would wear outfits like this every day if possible. Just because my fashion sense leans towards the 60’s… 1860’s… doesn’t mean that I can’t give my opinion on the current styles that people are sporting. Or does it?






I just want to state for the record that I’ve always had great fashion sense and have always known exactly what works for me. Whether it’s glasses or one shoe… It’s a family curse, you see, we can make ANYTHING look good. 🙂

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