The Kobra Project 4-15-12

There have been a lot of other projects that were worked on this last week (including a jet or two), but some progress has been made on the Kobra. Last week Jay had just started to cover the Kobra in the gray:

The gray is on the bottom of the plane so that when it’s high in the air Jay will be able to determine if he’s right side up or not. There’s nothing worse than thinking that you’re inverted and so you tell the plane to move in a certain way… and you end up crashing into the ground.



Here is the bottom of the fuselage as of Sunday. You can see that he has begun to stripe it with the blue. Oh, and if you look under the wings you will see the tail has been covered in the bright green that was chosen for it. I’ve changed my mind on the name of the plane. It’s not easy being green, so I think that this needs to be Kermit the Kobra. 🙂


See! Green! Lots of green! That will stick out big time against a blue or gray sky.

The wings have been glassed where they needed to be and they are ready for covering, too. We are gearing up for our southern vacation this week so we’ll have to see how far this one gets before then.

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1 Response to The Kobra Project 4-15-12

  1. Jamie says:

    Love the green! Great color for a plane. 🙂

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