Rocket Car

On our way back from Toledo we were tooling along I-90, driving through Cleveland, when we spotted this:

Jay and I were both speechless. What in the world??!! How can that be street legal?? Of course, we forgot we were in Ohio where you can run almost anything on the road as long as it’s licensed. This vehicle certainly had a license plate on the back. We tried to get some closer pictures, but he was going amazingly fast and changing lanes.

This is where he started to slow down. As you can see we were going 63 and just barely able to catch up with him. I have no idea where he was going in such a hurry!

I can’t quite decide if I would want a ride in this or not.

It has a side mirror, but no windshield. He wasn’t wearing a helmet or face mask, so I can only imagine how many bugs he must have eaten!

This was the last picture that I managed to get in the side mirror. He soon got off of the interstate using one of the exits.

I had already published this post when I decided to see what I could find online about this car. After all, something this unique has to show up somewhere! According to the website you can rent this vehicle!

The Rocket Car website

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  1. Jamie says:

    Isn’t it amazing what human creativity can do? It’s pretty wild to think what our streets could look like if a handful of mainstream car companies didn’t have the monopoly on liscensable vehicles.

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