Atlanta Trip – Animal Park Part 2

Animal Park - Don't Leave Trail - 5-27-16Hopefully you haven’t wandered off of the trail since leaving Part 1.

We had just wandered through the farm animal section of the park.

Although, I am curious as to what happens if you DO leave the trail at some time?


Animal Park - Bison - 5-27-16Walking around a corner we saw these guys. You have to feel bad for them. Not only were they wearing heavy fur coats in the Atlanta heat, but they have one of the worst NFL teams named after them!

“No, we’re BEEFalo! Absolutely no relation to those Buffalo guys…”


Animal Park - Cardinal - 5-27-16At this point in the park there was a lot of just walking through the trees, which was nice. However, it can make one’s mind tend to wander. That is never a good thing for me.

By the way, this is the Atlanta Cardinal who is not related to the Arizona Cardinals. I think that his cousin is one of the Gettysburg Robins, though.


Animal Park - Covered Bridge 2 - 5-27-16Next we came to this…

A covered bridge…

Which made me laugh. Actually, I enjoyed this bridge quite a bit. Why?



Animal Park - Covered Bridge over Dirt - 5-27-16It bridged absolutely nothing. Except for maybe the trail, but that’s not the point of a covered bridge, is it?

Despite the fact that we were surrounded by trees perhaps it was put up as a nice shady spot to rest…



Animal Park - Covered Bridge - 5-27-16Nope, that can’t be it either since most of the roof is missing. Don’t get me wrong, I would rather have the park spend money on the animals than on maintaining this structure, but they could at least change the sign to read, “Partially Covered Pathway.”



Animal Park - Duckling Stampede - 5-27-16We continued along the way with Sarah feeding the squirrels. At one point she was trying to get a squirrel to come closer to where she had tossed a peanut and I glanced over to see this….

“DUCK STAMPEDE!!” I yelled

I couldn’t get my camera out quickly enough to get a good picture, but it was great. There were about 20 ducklings running just as fast as they could right towards us… with the parents trying to keep up. There is nothing cuter than a stampeding herd of ducklings!


Animal Park - Ducklings - 5-27-16Before they got to where we were standing, though, they suddenly veered to their left. Nothing was chasing them…

I can’t recall what pen we were next to, but it wasn’t anything that the ducks should be excited to see.

What was their hurry?


Animal Park - Thirst Ducks - 5-27-16Apparently they were playing the last-one-to-the-watering-hole-is-a-rotten-egg game!





Animal Park - More Ducklings - 5-27-16They were cute, though. And I can still see all of those ducklings running straight at us! There wasn’t any noise being made, but they were running for all that they were worth!




Animal Park - Bamboo - 5-27-16We left the ducks to their water and continued along the path. Suddenly I stopped.

Was I really seeing this??

We were in Atlanta, right?

I was staring right at a stand of BAMBOO! I never would have thought that anybody in the States was growing bamboo! Silly me always pictured it over in China with a panda bear happily munching away.


Animal Park - Up Close Bamboo - 5-27-16I’ve seen those little bamboo shoots that people grow in the little planters, but this was something else. I would have liked to have touched it, just to see how stout the pole was. It was roped off so I left it alone.

It was really neat, though.

Is it weird that the bamboo was my favorite part of an animal park??



Animal Park - Strutting Peacock - 5-27-16As we were rounding the corner I spotted this guy…

“Take a look at this! Watch.. I will bat all of my blue eyes at you. Ladies, you know you want this…”



Animal Park - Peahen Ignoring Peacock - 5-27-16I was spotted, though, so he suddenly became shy and didn’t want to show off his dance moves anymore.

“I had something in my feathers… It’s all cool.. no big deal… I’m just going over.. um… here… now…”



Animal Park - Interrupted Peacock - 5-27-16The hen sitting on the trailer didn’t even take a second glance at him.

“He thinks that he’s such a stud. Whatever! I’ve seen him shaking his tail feathers at other hens and I’m not going to deal with that. I don’t need somebody who is going to run around and shake his feathers for any ol’ hen in the park!”


Animal Park - Gen Lee's Headquarters - 5-27-16Our last stop was at General Lee’s headquarters. This absolutely disgusts me. They named an overgrown rodent after my beloved General Robert E. Lee. I know that they were just trying to honor him, but seriously? If they ever get a rescue panther then they can name it after Robert E. Lee, but not a rodent!


Animal Park - Gen Lee Stone - 5-27-1This is the special little tablet that they had displayed for it and everything.

A stinkin’ rodent! *shakes head in disgust*






Animal Park - Snake Crossing - 5-27-16Heading back to the main building to end our visit we ran into one of Sarah’s old friends. Apparently every time she’s at this park she sees a snake in the road. I think that it must be the same snake. He’s just so Exs-s-s-s-s-s-sited to see her!




Animal Park - Snake - 5-27-16It’s a good thing my dad wasn’t there. If he had seen this I don’t think that I could have gotten him to walk past that spot without a machete. Or a flame thrower. My dad isn’t very fond of snakes….


Well, this concludes our visit to the animal park. Please remember to take all trash and children with you as you leave. We hope you enjoyed your visit. Please be sure to tell your friends about us! Thanks and have a great day!


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