Summer Cross Update – 7-9-16

Summer Cross 7-1-16Again, I know that this is WAY past July 9th, but that’s when my last updated picture was taken. So please chill.

Here is the Summer Cross as of July 1st. I was working on the words that form the background of the picture. I had completed the entire right side of the background.




Summer Cross 7-9-16And here it is on July 9th with all of the background words in place.

I am currently outlining the rest of the cross so I will post an update when the entire thing is DONE. I’m hoping that will be in another week. Then I get to go pick out the mats for it!!

I’m not fond of the framing process because it’s a lot of fiddly work, but it always turns out so gorgeous when it’s done.


Winter Cross Framed 4-18-15As a reminder, this is the Winter Cross all framed. I love it, but I can’t wait to take it down for a few months while the Summer Cross hangs in its spot. Until December 21st… then the Winter Cross will go back up.

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