Travel Bug Has Been Biting

cemetery-hill-at-sunset.jpgHave you heard the call? Are the drums calling to you? Am I the only one who hears them? I’m surprised because they have been drumming louder and louder. It feels like forever since I’ve been to Gettysburg and I would love to go back. Soon. *sigh*


SEFF 2012 036SEFF 2013 is happening April 22-28th. I want to go so bad, but due to two weeks of shut down Jay doesn’t have the vacation time available. This time I would be able to fly, too, with Marino 13 (my new Kavalier that is in the process of being built). *sigh*




I have a mug from the Stonewall Jackson house that has his last words on it, “Let us cross over the river and rest beneath the shade of the trees.” He took his last breath at 3:15 pm on May 10, 1863. Lexington is a beautiful place and I would love to go back to revisit. *sigh*


There are so many other places that I would love to visit. And where am I? I’m sitting at work. For 10 hours a day. Wasting my time. Doing nothing productive. Not enjoying myself. Hating the fact that I’m here.

Okay, so a lot of this desire to change my locale stems from the fact that I’m unhappy with my job. My new boss has been here for ten months and I’m still doing a lot of her job because she is too busy talking on her iPhone to pay attention to what I’m trying to teach her. I have a coworker who can’t even write a stupid journal entry number down correctly! Journal entry numbers are all the same length so don’t you think you would notice if you wrote something down that was way too short?? Not if you’re an incompetent moron!

*sigh* The Priest said on Sunday that you can’t love God and hate your neighbor. I would love to argue that he doesn’t have to work with my boss and coworker. Otherwise he might have to reconsider his statement. Yes, I am looking for a different job but until I sell my other house, pay off my car and student loans then I can’t take a big pay cut. Unfortunately there aren’t many jobs that require my expertise in the area where I live. I wish that I could figure out how to do something that I love and get paid for it, too. Isn’t that everybody’s dream? I had applied with a local company to be an assistant candy maker, but apparently the company didn’t feel that my accounting experience qualified me for the job. What they don’t know is that I have a lot of candy making, baking, and cake decorating experience. Plus, I’m somewhat creative. After all, not everybody has an A-10 Thunderbolt on their wedding cake topper!

Oh well. I will find something when I’m supposed to. In the meantime I will just have to get through the day until I can get home to Jay.

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