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Sewing Room Projects

I can’t even begin to tell you just how happy I am since getting my new sewing room put into place. I still have a list of projects that I’ve asked Jay to work on, but I wanted to show … Continue reading

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Sewing Room (Mostly) Finished!!!

Two weeks ago when I posted about my sewing room I had just prepped the trim for painting. Actually, to be fair, this picture shows the painted trim. From far away it doesn’t look too bad. As I stood and … Continue reading

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Sewing Room Update 4-5-20

(I am writing this on Palm Sunday, but I won’t schedule it for posting until Tuesday. I’m hoping that by the time you read this I am moving things INTO my sewing room!) When I last showed you my “easy” … Continue reading

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3D Printed Furniture Rearranging

It was difficult for me to figure out what I wanted to title this post. Yes, I’m rearranging furniture that has been 3D printed, but only because I want to rearrange that actual furniture in my house. Is that clear … Continue reading

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