N Scale Layout- Giving it Hill(s)

Yes, Jay is still working on his new train layout. While I’ve been working in my sewing room, he’s been trying to supervise and work with various construction units. This gets tricky, especially when you have to use units that are part of the union. *sigh* That really slows down the progress.

His first task was to do something with the pole in the middle of the layout.

2020Layout 3-7-20

You had a peek at his solution when I showed you his DIY Hot Wire Cutter. In case you didn’t see it, though, he decided to put a shoe on it.

2020Layout- Hill Framing

His first thought was maybe leaving it as a nice strappy sandal, but in the winter that can be a bit chilly. It definitely needed covering of some sort.

2020Layout-Hill Plaster1

As he started to place the plaster strips in place Jay decided that the next time he breaks his foot he’ll just make his own cast and skip the doctor completely. After all, look how beautiful his plastered shoe turned out:

2020Layout- Hill Plaster2

Beautiful! It’s too bad we didn’t have another angle from which to view this beautiful piece of artwork.

2020Layout- Hill Plaster3

How lucky! We do!

Fun fact: Not only can this plaster be used to shape shoes around poles, it can also be used to fill up holes behind posts so that you can more effectively fill the gaps with foam and prevent Starlings from building nests on your front porch.

Front Porch Plug 4-8-20

(Another aside… the next morning I had a great time watching a Starling as he went to where the hole used to be… dropped to the porch floor with a confused look on his face and proceeded to walk around the base of the post as if to say, “This looks like the post. I swear we started building the nest right up there! Maybe I picked the wrong post…”)

Back to the basement.

You’ve already seen how the rock cut-outs were shaped beside this giant hill.

2020Layout - Hill Plaster 4

Then Jay slathered it in mashed potatoes. Oh wait, maybe that’s some of the left-over mud from the giant bucket I purchased for use in the sewing room.

Once that was dried, Jay iced it.

2020Layout- Hill Paint1

Seriously, every time I looked at it I started craving chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

2020Layout- Hill Paint2

Other times it made me crave a big bowl of chocolate pudding.

This isn’t the only hill on the layout, though. Nope. There are two more.

2020Layout- Small Hill1

These are kind of the foothills of the large hill.

2020Layout- Median Hill1

The hills are alive with the sound of train cars…

They also received the chocolate icing treatment.

2020Layout- Sm-Med Hills Paint1

Once the base paint was dry it was time to start adding a little bit of depth.

2020Layout-Sm-Med Hills Paint2

2020Layout- Track Cut-Out2

2020Layout- Track Cut-out1

But wait, there’s more!

More rock cropping, that is. Jay was really rocking out on this hill.

2020Layout- Rock Face 2

2020Layout- Rock Face 3

Since there are cut-outs on this hill he also has to paint the rock face.

2020Layout- Rock Face1

This requires a lot of color layering.

2020Layout- Rock Face 5

2020Layout- Rock Face 4

Not all of it is rock. There is some landscaping that needs to be done as well.

2020Layout- Grass Seeding 2

The initial grass seeding was laid down. Once the roots have started to take hold you can add a little more to it.

2020Layout- Grass Seeding 1

As you can see in these pictures there are other things going on, but I’ll showcase those in other posts.

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