Pew Wood Box Finished!

This definitely wasn’t our biggest project, but it sure did make us stop and think.

Unhinged signed

Once we figured out how we wanted the top to fit onto the box it was smooth sailing. In fact, once I got my act together and made time to work on it the finishing flew by quickly. We went from the box you see above, to this…

Pew Wood Box Finished 10-12-19

It’s amazing what a little stain and poly can do to wood. You can see the edge of the lid where I left the original finish alone. I did poly over it, but only to protect it.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to line the entire inside, but I knew that I couldn’t do it precisely so I opted to leave the sides alone. I was going to line the bottom with felt, but then I remembered that I had some velvet.

Pew Wood Box Lining 10-12-19

But what color? I really like the dark sapphire, but the garnet red was divine. I went with the red.

Pew Wood Box Lined 10-12-19

It’s difficult to see the velvet in the picture. However, you can see my horrible job of not quite getting the velvet to size. It fit perfectly when I did the dry fit. As soon as I sprayed the adhesive on the back of the velvet and tried to carefully drop it into place… it went wonky. *sigh* Oh well. Nobody’s perfect, right?

Since this is a gift for our sister parish in Mexico I also added a few more gifts for the inside.

Pew Wood Box Gifts 10-12-19

Three crosses that we made for Ash Wednesday, to represent the Holy Trinity. And four Jesus Nuts to round out the number of items to seven. Seven is a very significant number in the Bible so I wanted to have seven items in the box.

Now that this project is complete Jay has started working on other things. Here’s a preview of what is to come:

Wolf Carving

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