Jesus Nuts

About a year ago I was searching for something on the internet when I came across the Jesus Nut jewelry. This started my wheels spinning and I knew that I wanted to make my own version of this nut. Luckily we still had some sacred wood sitting around.


I went to my design guru and told him what I wanted. It took a little bit of time, but he finally got around to them.

Jesus Nuts

These were actually a lot of manual work for him. Not only did he cut them out, but he also tapped them so that they will actually screw onto the bolt pictured here.

Then I asked him to make me a mop sander that goes on his drill press.

Mop Sander

(It’s a good thing he loves me!)

Jay drilled the holes in them after I was happy with the sanding job, and then he inserted the wire and soldered the loop for the keychains that I wanted to add to them. The last step was to dunk them in Danish oil and let them dry.

jesus nut keychains

I created the cards myself using a picture I had taken of the crosses we made for Lent a few years ago. I also spent a long time trying to pick out just the right verse for it. I’m not 100% pleased, but I like how they turned out.

finished jesus nut

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