Real Life – 10-11-19

Have you been feeling like life is a real drag? Do you think that everybody else on social media has a wonderful life? Do you think that you’re the only one who is trying to get into her sewing room, but it just isn’t happening? Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone. Do you need a Friday Pick-Me-Up? Here I am, at your service. Let me tell you about my week…

Last Saturday I spent 2.5 hours taping a pattern together so that I could try making another shirt.

Printed Pattern 9-1-19

I left it on the floor because I was planning to get back to it. However, I’d been giving Bob and Chester some different treat foods and it didn’t agree with Chester’s system.

Cat Dishes 10-10-19

She loved it, but it didn’t love her. So there was an accident across my pattern and the pattern board. So now I have a new pattern board.

Sewing Pattern Board 10-9-19

(And the food has been tossed to the curb)

Sunday morning I started making coffee.

Yarn Coffee Mug

But our coffee maker (an espresso machine) suddenly started spurting water and steam out of the back. Jay tore it apart later that day and said that the pump was shot. So now we’re using the back-up travel coffee maker until the new one arrives.

Travel Coffee Maker 10-9-19

I miss my espresso machine with the water reservoir. *sigh*

I had a Small Faith Group meeting Tuesday night so I needed treats.

No Bake Cookies 10-9-19

I cleaned the kitchen and then made No Bake Cookies. I sent most of them to work with Jay on Thursday.

Wednesday night I had to clean the kitchen after making the cookies Monday night. Then I had to use the bananas that were going bad on the counter.

Banana Muffins 10-9-19

So I made Banana Muffins. And cleaned the kitchen again. Then I realized that Jay was going to need something for dinner and his lunches. So I threw stuff in a pot.

Veggie Beef Soup 10-9-19

My version of Vegetable Beef Soup. Kind of. It was gut fill. I did not clean the kitchen after making dinner.

I spend the majority of my time during the week sitting in this little area:

Desk 10-10-19

This is the first office I’ve worked in where I’ve sat next to a window. A blue jay visited me on Monday. Yesterday a woodpecker clung to the building by my window and chatted for a bit. Then I go home and see this when I enter the house:

Messy Table 10-10-19

I am reminded that my coffee machine is still broken, that my sewing room is still upstairs, and I have to get the nerve up to try upholstering the cat couch.

Then I go downstairs to work on finishing the box for church.

Finishing Area 10-10-19

Another mess. When I look over at Jay’s work bench I see this:

Broken Laptop 10-10-19

The screen went wonky on this laptop for no reason. He has hooked it up to a monitor until the new screen that he ordered arrives.

At the end of the day I’m exhausted. I just want to plug my phone in and go to bed.

iPhone 3G Case 10-10-19

That’s when I notice that another piece of my phone case has fallen off. They just don’t make things to last any more. I can’t buy a new case for it because I don’t think anybody even makes cases for the iPhone 3G any more. Yes, this is a 3G.

iPhone 3G 10-10-19

And it still works… mostly. I can make calls, send/receive texts, take pictures, and stream podcasts. I can also listen to my iTunes. I just can’t actually go to anything that requires me to access the internet. I’m unable to update the operating system because my phone isn’t technologically advanced enough to run it. Sure, this phone is almost 10 years old, but it was expensive! I want to make sure we get our money’s worth out of it. When I finally give in and decide to upgrade I’ll upgrade to a much newer model. I have my sister’s old iPhone 6S that I will use. Hopefully I will be able to learn all the new advanced settings!

Even with all of my griping I have to say that I am tremendously blessed. My wish is that for anybody who has read this far that you are as blessed as I am. When I’ve had a rough day and I just want to hide my head I get to end my day with this:

Jay and Bob Napping

Flannel sheets, a heated mattress pad, and her two favorite guys to snuggle… Life is good!

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