Project Linus – Blanket #26

Project Linus Blanket #26

Project Linus Blanket #26 9-16-19


I didn’t think much about naming this blanket until after I’d done my first section of blue and was working on the first section of maroon/burgundy. The colors reminded me of high school. When I was a junior my school merged with a neighboring school (and one of our biggest rivals). Our colors had been blue and gold. Their colors were maroon and white. When we merged the students voted for our new school colors to be blue and maroon with accents of white and gold. We were also allowed to vote on the new school name. Our new school district would encompass almost the entire top half of the lake, so I voted for Lake Side District. Why? Because then we would have been “LSD – We’re Flying High!” Unfortunately, that did not win. Here is a picture of me with some of my then-friends on graduation night:

HS Graduation 6-25-98

That is my best friend, Pauline, on the right. She’s the only one I still care to talk to from high school. Fun Fact: Just three weeks ago I cleaned out my closet and gave the dress that I’m wearing in this picture to Goodwill.

Anyway, back to the blanket…

Project Linus Blanket #26 Detail

The sun really washed out the colors. They are much deeper in real life. But you can see why I couldn’t stop thinking of my high school. Our new mascot was the Thunderbirds so that’s what I decided to call the blanket. I just hope that this blanket brings a lot more warmth and security to a little boy than what my high school brought to me.

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