So Much to Poly!

It feels like forever since I started working on the Jewelry Armoire. The good thing is that the end is in sight! I have poly’d the inside and am now working on the outside.

Jewelry Armoire 4-1-19

I’m using a clear gloss, but I don’t want it to be REALLY glossy. I’ve applied it in more of a satin kind of feel. The first coat went on the outside last night, so if I get my butt in gear Jay should be able to put the doors back on and install the backing by this weekend.

I also managed to stain the back of the dog clocks. Last night I also put the first coat of poly on those:

Dog Clocks Poly'd 4-1-19

I will put one coat on and then paint the clock marks with some pretty colors so that they don’t blend in too much. Also, Jay has to paint the clock hands black so that they will show up better against the wood.

We have a Bob clock that has gold hands and most of the time I can’t even see what time it reads. You have to be almost right on top of it to read it.

Bob Face Clock

(I should probably get an updated picture of this clock with the mechanism installed!)

With those two projects nearing the finish line you would think that I’m soon going to be bored. HA! Just as I almost finish a project I give Jay an idea for another one. I actually have two waiting in the wings for my attention. I want to get the jewelry armoire off of my table first, though. I’m not going to tell you what these are right now, but I’ll show you pictures.

Paper Plate Holder 4-1-19

Cord Organizer 4-1-19

Oh, and the other night as we were falling asleep I mentioned yet ANOTHER project for Jay. The poor guy! It’s going to be a while before he can get back to one of his own projects. His mom even has him working on one for her:

Fence Pieces 4-1-19

These are pickets for the fence he is building. Karen has a new dog and she doesn’t want Millie (the dog) digging in the garden this summer. So a fence is needed to keep her out of it. Jay is cutting all of the pieces and Karen is painting them as they are ready. I think this fence has to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 70′ long.

As I was talking to Jay last night I noticed something on his work bench. *sigh* I think that we’ve been watching Hogan’s Heroes too much because he is starting to channel the Gestapo. I think he was trying to get information out of his Dremel!

Dremel in Pieces

“We have ways of making you talk, Mr. Dremel…”

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