ACC: Knots of Love

Recently I decided to subscribe to Annie’s Caring Crochet club (ACC). This is a monthly kit club where Annie’s will send you a kit that includes a pattern and all the yarn needed to complete a project based on a charity’s needs. This way if you like the finished object you can keep it, or you can send it to the charity that is included in the kit.

I decided to do this because I enjoy getting yarn in the mail, but I really enjoy getting yarn in the mail that already has a project slated for it. Annie’s has all kinds of kit clubs; crochet, knitting, jewelry, crafting, etc. I’ve seen various YouTubers open their kits and I’ve always thought it would be nice to have a subscription to a club, but I know that I would either never use the yarn or else I wouldn’t care for the pattern. I really didn’t want to spend my money on something that would never be used. I decided to go with the Caring Crochet club because this way I already know who the recipient will be and Annie’s provides the information needed so that you can ship your finished project to the charity.

ACC Knots of Love

From what I can tell, the first kit is always the same. Maybe all of the kits are numeric so that no matter when you join you will always get kit #2 for your second mailing. That’s fine with me. I’m not very particular about what kit comes when.

The first kit is to make Chemo Caps for Knots of Love. It came with the pattern, two balls of yarn and a scarf for the hat that you see pictured on the front of the pattern. I forgot to take a picture of the kit BEFORE using the yarn.

ACC Knots of Love Hats

One thing that I don’t like is that the kit doesn’t tell you what brand of yarn you are using. This way if you happened to have more of that same yarn on hand you could make more projects and really give the charity something nice to open. From the feel of it I’m pretty sure it’s Caron Simply Soft, or it could be Premier’s Ever Soft. Either way, it was soft and silky.

After I’d made the two different caps I still had quite a bit of yarn left. I knew I wouldn’t use it for anything so I decided to make a two-toned hat. I think it looks okay.

The patterns were easy to follow and were designed by Britt Schmiesing.

One thing I do suggest is that if you decide to participate in the club, go to the charity’s website to see how they want you to send them the project. Normally I wash my Project Linus blankets in hypoallergenic detergent without any kind of fabric softener, and then I spend the time to remove as many cat hairs as possible before putting them in a sealed bag. I realize that not everybody wants Bob’s fur in their blankets or hats. Some charities don’t want you laundering the projects at all because they will do it when they get them. So definitely check out to see what each charity requires before you package them for shipping.

ACC Knots of Love Hat

The club is $19.96 per month, which might be a little steep for some people, but I think I will enjoy it. It will give me exposure to some projects that I would never make otherwise, plus they will be small enough that they will be a nice pallet cleanser in between my bigger projects. I was working on a larger project, but it was bad and was put in Time Out, so I worked on these while my other project had time to think about what it had done.

I hope to be able to make each project every month that I receive them, but we’ll have to see how that goes. We are nearing Christmas and that always puts a few things on the back burners. At the very least I will share the kits with you so that you can see the yarn and maybe be introduced to a charity that you really want to help.

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2 Responses to ACC: Knots of Love

  1. Angela Petronella says:

    I have been gifted the scarf, yarn and needles for this hat. Unfortunately the pattern was not included in the package. I would love to make this hat. May I receive the pattern?

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